I splash the cash and get soaked!

Hi again. This little jaunt started with my escaping from the Mediquip bed (even with an extension as a tall person my feet are still crunched at the bottom), being dressed and hoisted on to my fully charged batmobile before leaving the house with my daughter for the bus stop.
We were aiming for a Garden Centre in a village about seven miles away. Of course there was no dropped kerb where we got off but fortunately some traffic lights not too far away. Followed a tractor along a little lane and taking our lives in our hands darted across the main road and into the Garden Centre.
Wow again what a change, now more like a trendy upmarket Department Store really catering for us wheelchair users. I nipped in to a clothes outlet and really surprised myself and my daughter by trying on five things and only rejecting one!
Had a quick look at the Pet section but didn’t like it much, cats, rabbits, gerbils etc stuck in small glass cases to be gawked at. The birds chirped quite a lot but had very limited flying room - we soon left there and made our way to the tearoom for a cream tea (jam first of course)
The Garden Centre always put on a great

Sorry but I got interupted by a phone call and the postman ringing the bell
So by the time we got to all the Christmas displays the rain was hammering on the roof and water was cascading down the side of the building. Eventually found our way to the tills via the well stocked food section, mostly locally sourced. I had bought a poncho to cover me and the chair and now was cetainly the time to try it out.
We watched as a bus we could have caught sailed by and decided our best bet would be to go into the village. Oh dear the pavement and road was badly flooded, the wind was howling and by now it was rush hour and we were getting drenched by the oncoming traffic. But the bus arrived, there was a disabled space, the driver purt the ramp down and this time we didn’t leave the shopping behind!
It was a great experience which made be realize, one how tatty the clothes in my wardrobe are but two even though you are extremely disabled with the right encouragement you can achieve loads.
Stay safe all Essie X


Oh, Essie! What a day! I can just see you in the blowing rain, zipping around the puddles with your Superman cape flying behind you.

My wardrobe isn’t too bad, if you like the 1880 lumberjack look, but I really need a hair cut.

sounds like a great day out.

Lovely day trip. Can’t go wrong with garden centre, especially scone, jam and clotted cream. Followed with a pot of tea. Relaxing :+1:

Hi Esse
What a great day out and bully for you! Braving the weather, buses, flooded roads and all! What a warrior you are and definitely merit a front line space, with me …aka Boudica.
Hail warriors in this MS battle! Xxx

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Hi Essie,

What a lovely day you had, despite the weather.

I like going to my local garden centre too. The local MS society meets there once a month. You can buy anything there and there is an excellent fruit and vegetable stall outside.

I bought a flowery poncho from a well known online shop. Folds into a little pouch. Covers me and my wheelchair or scooter.
Going to the optician today, think I’ll need it!!
Enjoy wearing your new clothes.