I need sleep :(

This the 3rd night I have been up with this, apart from being up with the rest of it, sounds so minor, but I am in such discomfort with my arm? Its like having a permenant blood pressure monitor tightening and squeezing, all the time, and I can’t put it anywhere, nothing makes it ease! I’ve just taken 2 paracetamols and 1 Ibruprofen. This is a new sympton.Any ideas as of what to take or rub on area please? Thanks x

Gabapentin is a good drug for neuropathic pain. Chat to your doctor he will prescribe. Hope it improves soon.

Thank you so much x

It’s more painful than uncomfortable today, it’s gone up into my neck, which is feeling slightly numb too, I’m a little scared, as this is new

I did have intravenous steroids last weekend, could this be a side effect?