I’m thinking it’s MS?

I’m not diagnosed yet. I had tingling in my left leg, which spread to my entire left side. I also had some hearing loss in my left ear which was consistent with nerve damage (not a blocked ear). GP suspected stroke so sent me to A&E for a CT scan, which was clear. I saw a neurologist who found I had a positive Hoffman sign and slightly brisk reflexes in upper left body. I had a brain MRI which found a 10mm lesion. They said it doesn’t look consistent with stroke or inflammatory. I’m now waiting for a more detailed brain MRI and a spine MRI. I’ve yet to have a conversation with a medical professional about what it all means. All of my googling has led me to MS. Any thoughts, anyone?

I’m not a medic, but your symptoms and findings so far sound quite “non specific” as they like to say - not directly pointing to a diagnosis. You’ll need to wait for the next steps.
This must be really frustrating for you. Things take a long time in the NHS and I’m also guilty of using the ever ready Dr Google who responds in a split second, 24/7… Is there anything you can do to occupy your mind elsewhere…? Even if you did turn out to have MS, you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it until you have the diagnosis. Life’s too short to worry about it meanwhile.


Totally agree long wait for diagnosis I am in that limbo at the moment. Agree life’s too short to worry about this. Go out enjoy your life and live it, worry about the diagnosis when you have it. Dr Google often can steer you down the wrong path and make you worry unduly.