confused and worried

Hi not sure if what I have is MS and the docs are not being very forthcoming with even a possible diagnosis but I seem to have a lot of the possible symptoms that are now rapidly worsening. It’s taken over a year for my doc to stop looking at my different symptoms individually and as a group of related symptoms even tho myself and partner have begged they do a neck xray, as I thought it was a trapped nerve. My symptoms are now permanent pins and needles in my left leg, foot, arm, hand, left side of my face and left side of back of head, left sided weakness, numbness, a crawling skin feeling when I get hot, loss of sensation in my left leg and arm, tingling in my mouth and tongue, twitchy eye, mouth and in my leg. I was admitted to hosp last year with suspected stroke as my speech changed along with the weakness, mri on brain came back clear for stroke, I have probs with concentration which is affecting work. The neuro has found I’m vitamin D deficient had a positive Hoffmans sign and my foot and wrist reflexes weren’t right. I’m awaiting mri results on my neck and I feel like I’m in limbo. Could this be ms or something else. Thankyou for any help Boltonlas :slight_smile:

hi boltonlas

i started off with those exact same symptoms but your neuro will have to rule out lots of other conditions.

by your user name i’m thinking that you’re from bolton.

if so are you being seen by dr schumacher? when i was referred to neurology he was the one who covered the bolton area.

has your neuro arranged for you to have another MRI?

if you ARE from bolton, pm me and i can chat about other things available in bolton.

carole x

Hi pigpen, I’m originally from Bolton but live in the northeast now, I can’t get out of the habit of using boltonlas on forums lol Bolton through and through. Had a head scan Oct last year was clear, waiting for results of a cervical neck scan. Just had my dosage of gabepentin upped by doc on Monday to 300mg 3 times a day as I had a relapse, only been back in work 4 weeks after a 4 month sick period :frowning:

hi boltonlas

bolton have a fab group called bolton neuro voices. they are a group of neuro physios who run hydrotherapy sessions for anyone from bolton who has a neurological condition.

whereabouts in the northeast are you now?

i absolutely love northumberland. went there with my friend and we went to lindisfarne.

anyway good luck with your adventure through the looking glass (ms)

carole xx

ps my user name is my cat who got run over and i miss him.

Hi Boltonlas - has your Dr prescribed D3 for your Vit D deficiency? If not - get on to them about it, I’m on Gabapentin and Amitriptyline for the pain and D3 to get Vit D levels up to normal - have to say the Vit D supplement is really helping with concentration and the cognitive side of things.