I’m so confused...

So, my tutor (for school) happens to have MS. On rare occasions, she will suddenly get irritable with me for no real valid reason. For an example, when we were working on this study guide for Social Studies. On one of the questions, I wrote down an answer that wasn’t up to her expectations and the my tutor she was now pissed. After that she returned to her normal stateand felt bad for me. Like what the h*ll??? Over some little freaking answer I wrote that you didn’t want? I knew another time she got ~real angry when I was yawning. I also noticed every time she’s mad or agitated she’s happier afterwards. It seems she gets pissy over things she can’t stand. Is this an example of MS mood symptoms or am I just delusional? (Note: I did some research on MS mood swings, but I’m not entirely sure…). She claims it isn’t her MS causing but I’m skeptical about that statement cause I can reassure you her irritable or whatever reactions are not normal and rarely happens. I read somewhere MS Mood swings can strike at any moment. In my opinion, I think she does go through MS moods at unusual times. It’s so bizarre to me, a person who does not: I really need to know what’s going on.


your tutor could be having mood swings for other reasons.

maybe menopause? or PMT?

she may just be stressed out because teaching is being hit hard by politicians.

it could be her ms.

i think you should cut her some slack.

whatever her problems, think yourself lucky that you don’t have them.

you can feel quietly good about it.

carole x

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Good reply CatwomanCarole58.