I know, I know.....but

Yep, it`s that time again…so who is gonna lose weight, stop smoking/drinking, as their new year resolution?

Sorry if that`s got your goat…


I might try to lose a few pounds, refuse to give up smoking only smoke about 8 a day and am prepared to take the risk. My main resolution is to get more aggressive on my mobility scooter I am fairly new to using it and am stunned at how rude and inconsiderate people are when you use a mobility aid.


Haha! This is gonna be TMI. But my pelvic floor exerciser is coming Thursday - just in time for New Year. Although I’m not “leaking”, I’m told regular exercising can reduce the urge to “go” - which would be great. So my device (which looks like a cross between a sex toy and a torture implement - and yes, there may be some overlap :wink: ) is coming.

On less intimate and non-MS related topics, I’m going to try to be more committed to my hobbies in the New Year. I’ve bought a proper set of jewellery pliers, so I can do the several jewellery kits I’ve already got in the house. I already had some pliers, but I only used them for opening tins (because I lack the strength), so they went rusty after continually going in the washing-up!

Note to self: Must NOT use new, expensive craft tools as kitchen equipment!

Also, I’m going to try harder with my language learning. Not skipped a day in months, but need to deepen my knowledge - not just do the minimum daily practice. Have bought a dual language Russian-English reader.



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Hiya poll

I am to be more tolerant of those who are ignorant, poor suffering souls…

Ellie x

Meant aim not am!

I’m a) impressed by the sex toy / torture implement, b) frightened by the very thought of jewellery making and c) unnerved by the idea of learning languages.

Meanwhile I’m planning to give up Quality Street as a main hobby on January 2nd and start the diet thing properly in February as January is a bad month to start diets (husbands birthday plus my birthday plus visit from very good friend who enjoys excellent wine and nice food).

Other than that, I’m planning to do more physio. I could really do with improving my core as much as possible. I have an appointment with a new physiotherapist on 11th January and will attempt to do more day by day.


Not really a new years resolution but i am going to try to be better at asking for help, the amount of times i have been into a shop and either bought something different or left without the item i wanted because i could’nt reach it from my wheelchair when all i had to do was say to someone “excuse me, would you mind passing me one of those please” ? same thing when i need to fuel my car up, instead of pushing the disabled assistance button i drive a 10 mile round trip to use an attended service garage (and pay 4p a litre more) why is it so hard to ask for help ?


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I need to loose weight, but it’s so hard when you can’t excercise easily xxx


Me too!!

I feel fat! Fatter than usual…eating up crap…why cant I just ignore it?



Hi Poll. Made me smile. :slight_smile:

Freeze what is freezable for a future day when you crave something and can’t be bother to cook, and feed the rest of the crap out to the birds. I’ve noticed they LOVE xmas cake/mince pies etc etc! Temptation gone!! Now, let me down another pint of water to keep everything moving along nicely… x

Birds wont come near our garden…too many felines around!

The bin never complains when its stuffed wi crap!


My hens - and the dogs - 5 of each - do help with eating up the leftover veg/bread/gravy/stuffing etc. So fridges do look a bit better - having reduced the large bowls and platters. Shall freeze some of the turkey and ham to use in pies for 2016.

Thankfully, we do not have tins of Roses/Quality St etc - and l haven’t missed them either. l did so well on the 5-2 diet before xmas -so shall start back again at once. l do try not to eat any gluten/grain etc. because when l do it saps all of my energy and plays havoc with my bowels. l feel so much better if l do not eat ‘crap’ as l call it. Crisps/ biscuits/ sweets /processed food of any sort. One mince-pie has me dashing back and forth to the loo. And a horrible bloated feeling.

Next year, I’m going to join the gym and try to get back into free weights and spin if I can (3 years ago I was like a lean tank, with amazing thigh/tight arse muscles and strong as an ox) I don’t expect to get the legs back to how they were as my MS has progressed significantly since then, but I’ll sure give it a go :slight_smile:

I’ve just started getting back into drawing and painting, I’m going to make time to be creative in 2016.

What is the 5/2 diet?

5 - eat in moderation

2 - 500 calories.

I need to start painting again

I want to be a lean tank with amazing thigh/arse muscles and strong as an ox.

Failing that, I just want to look at one… (Not necessarily you zombiesquirrel, I’m not a stalker honest!)… just for a little while.

Sue x

Today`s D day for me.

All crap fodder removed from my sight/reach.

Unable to get on scales, but I will know my success by my bra tightness…

who`s with me?


Poll - l have started to-day. Had a cup of coffee this morning - and will not eat anything until tonight. Leek and potato soup made -with maybe a slice of ham --------------------- or two.

Daughter has bought me a super dress – and l really want to look my best in it - without constantly reminding myself to ‘breathe in’.

Good Frances.

I have lots of incentive to do well. A mini cruise in May, Llandudno in June and a 5 night cruise in October…so wanna do well!


i have lost weight due to me having this dreadful quinsy,only thing i had over xmas was a chicken sandwich,and today i have just opened a box of chocs i had bought ,so i am going to finish them all off over the next few days,and worry about my weight when i feel a bit stronger, just had a shower, first one in 3 weeks and i feel like i am about to die.

J x