New Year resolutions, what's yours?

I don’t make new year resolutions usually. No point setting myself up for failure!

However, IF I were to make any this year, they would be…

  1. Not to let my next door neighbours wind me up!

  2. To be more diligent about doing the exercises prescribed by my (private, neuro specialist) physio

​Happy New Year everyone.

don’t want to call it a new years resolution but something very necessary is to tackle my overdraft.

my card was declined in tesco yesterday.

extremely embarasssing and now we have no bread for toast

ah well, at least i can laugh at it (can i??)

my tecfidera is being delivered on monday so that could be something good.

yes i can laugh at it!!

happy new year!

carole x

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Our overdraft needs sorting…so hope daughter doesn’t need help this year. Other resolutions always go pear shaped, so not bothering with any!. Xxpoll

I don’t make resolutions either, my thoughts are to have a better year than last year, not hard to do as everything was completely pants, good riddance 2014, hi 2015.

Not buying any of Ebay for a month lol…that will be very hard, as i do like buying bits off there lol…for family and friends.

Yes, actually I do have a resolution of sorts and that is to keep going as I am now. That might not seem very adventurous and MS might have other plans for me but if I can end 2015 in the condition I am now, that’ll do. So I’ll keep injecting, going to the gym, eating reasonably and keeping my fingers crossed!

Happy New Year everyone



I need to tackle my credit card - it’s had a good bashing over xmas!

I’ts not a new years resolution but i have been stuck in the house a lot the last year as i’ve been pretty unwell. I just need to get out more even if i’m feeling terrible. I’ve become a bit unsociable which is unlike me.

The Tecfidera has made my ms improve a lot since August so i hope i continue to improve which in turn will mean i get out of the house a bit more.

Carole - good luck with the Tecfidera. It’s been a really positive thing for me.

Oh! and as an afterthought as i’m still munching the xmas leftovers - i need to lose a stone!


Managed to stop smoking last year so that’s the biggie done!

However still need to:

  1. get more sleep - earlier nights needed and try listening to a relaxation CD to help me sleep better

  2. limit tablet / internet time in the evening

  3. stop eating junk - need to lose weight for my brother’s wedding in July

1 and 3 will also hopefully help stop spasticity getting worse.

Happy New Year to you all!

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Smoke more and eat more junk…Should be good,I never stick to New Years Revolutions



never ever buy on e-bay again - always recipe for disaster for me, and yeas of course there is smoking problem…can’t afford it, don’t even like it…why on earth!!!