I have an appointment!

A letter has just dropped through my letterbox.

I have just been offered an Outpatients Appointment with my Neurologist … …

For January 30th … … wait for it … …



Huh! That`s good, innit! I see mine tomorrow after almost a year and lots of empty promises last Feb!

luv Pollx

Mine make the appointments a year in advance, too.

I was even asked whether I’d prefer a Tuesday or a Wednesday!

Can anybody tell, that far ahead? A year is a long time, by anybody’s standards, but even longer with MS, as anything might happen. My routine a year from now could be very far from what it is today.

The other thing is that they have a notice posted in the waiting room, saying that if you miss your appointment, you will be “struck off”, and can only rejoin the neuro’s list by being re-referred by your GP!

Now I do realise that carelessly missing appointments wastes time, and costs the NHS (and the taxpayer) money. However, when the appointment might be over a year away, AND you suffer from a serious and highly unpredictable condition, AND it’s known sometimes to affect memory and/or concentration, I would have thought “expulsion” for forgetting just one is a little bit harsh.

I would never deliberately miss an appointment, thinking: “Oh, it doesn’t matter”. But if I consider whether I might ever miss one by accident, then yes, it’s possible - especially when they’re booked months away. I wonder if they’d really send me back to the GP to start again, if I rang to say: “Sorry, I slipped up”?


It’s one of my bugbears too! I expect is is something to do with some fatuous target-related crap. Most of the stupider stuff that happens seems to be.



Geoff, my appointment is always made a year in advance - I make the appointment for the next year while I’m there.

But a few years ago I turned up as per my appointment card, right day, right time, and they hadn’t booked me in properly so no appointment. You can imagine my reaction to that. So now I always phone to confirm the day before - I would recommend anyone to do that however busy the department is. After all, it’s no joke getting to the hospital in the first place, never mind being told you can’t be seen.

Good luck when you finally get there!

I went to the hospital today for a lumbar puncture. As you can imagine I was pretty stressed out. When I arrived I was told that the doctor who was due to perform the lumbar puncture didn’t actually start her job until tomorrow. I was not impressed to say the least. It was a 75 mile round trip and my husband took a days leave to take me. This appointment was booked on 8th November. So now I have to wait for another 10-14 days before they can fit me in again.

When I saw my consultant at the beginning of November he said he would see me in 4 months i.e. beginning of March. I got an appointment for the end of April. No wonder everything takes so long.


And this morning I got another letter!

The next appointment with my MS Nurse is set for June 2013.

This looks to me as though someone has been let loose with a new computerised appointments system.

What should I reply?

“Sorry, I will be changing channels on my TV, that day”?

To be quite fair, this particular appointments section were very good at changing one for me, when a particular date did not suit me.