neuro appointment


I was diagnosed in november last year. I was told by letter that was a copy of one sent to my dr from my neuro. In the letter it said I would be reviewed in 6 months.I never got an appointment so I called. The secretary said as long i was about the same they’d leave it til oct.

So I have waited a year to be seen again and now I’m full of cold and will have to cancel.

just frustrated, I have had lots of symptoms come and go and some I think i will have for life.

I would want to slow the ms down if I can but don’t think i fit the criterea for dmds.i wasn’t told what type of ms i have but it was mentioned that i didnt fit the pattern for rrms.

what timing to get a cold!


Oh gosh Lynn Appointments are so hard to get and if you might benefit from meds you don’t want to be missing appointments… I wonder could you drag yourself in despite having the terrible cold?? I would try and go,at all costs if it was me… Dose up on the paracetamol and ibuprofen and anything else you can get your hands on!! Only advice. You do whatever you feel is best for yourself. Love Lilly xxx