no nuero app since july 1st 2013 still waiting

in july 2013 i saw my nuero who said she wanted to see me in four months time as my ms has started to progress more quickly then she had hoped.any where its now may 2014 and still no appointment.despite numerous phone calls to the hospital from me my gp and other medical help i still have no appointment.all i we get told is they are very busy and that they have not forgotten about me.thats a great comfort to me when i fall down or can,t swallow properly.i was just wondering what the average length for waiting for an appointment is.i live in Leeds and each time my appointment seems to take longer to arrive.whats the rest of the uk like.

take care all xxx

I think you should seriously consider complaning to PALS you should have been seen after 4 months if thats what the neuro said no matter how busy they are they should still fit you in.

Do you have an MS nurse? maybe she could get you into a relapse clinic and you could see a neuro that way especially if you say that you are getting worse and have fallen several times.