I’m absolutely gutted as my appointment with my MS Nurse has just been cancelled.

I really needed it too :frowning:

Twinkle Toes x


I’ve managed to get another appointment but it’s not for ANOTHER 2 weeks, they have said that they would contact me if there were any cancellations. I have thought about trying to get in to see the Doctor but they would only end up saying that I need to see my MS Nurse so that would only be a wasted appointment - feeling stressed now.

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That’s Awful Twinkle , have they given you another one ? I think you can feel so alone with this illness , Is there an understanding doctor you can talk to . I’ve just come off the phone to my surgery I tried to book an appointment with the gp who know me the best and they are booked up till the 31st of may. It’s no good out of hours telling me to book an appointment as soon as possible when they arnt any . You can usually just about get one if you ring at 8 in the morning and then your usually waiting for 15 mins to get through and you will have to see any doctor not one that even knows your history …and usually the appointments have all gone and you have to beg for an emergency one. The nhs is definitely in crisis. Anyway that said twinkle I really hope you manage to see someone soon just tell them it’s an emergency. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle & Frazer,

Yes, they’ve given me another one but it’s not for another 2 weeks. I needed to see her today not in another 2 weeks, I’ve been waiting for this appointment for ages why do they have to keep cancelling or changing things it’s not fair on any of us.

I can’t believe you have to wait until 31st May (or after) for an appointment I suppose the out of hours were just giving you the information they were told to and they probably didn’t think you, especially at the moment would have to wait so long.

I think you’re quite right though Michelle the NHS is definitely in crisis and it’s not good for anybody something needs to be done, ooh sorry me venting a little there as I can feel my Stress rising :frowning:

Hope you & Frazer are ok? (considering things).

Take Care

Twinkle Toes xx


Oh it is so frustrating when your appointment is cancelled especially when you have been relying on it, I feel for you.

Could you have a telephone appointment with your gp to see if they could help, that’s what I do as like michelle has said, trying to get an appointment with your assigned gp is harder than trying to get blood out of a stone.

All this stress on top of MS makes life really difficult, take care.

Pam x

Its so annoying when this happens,its fine for them to cancel on us,but we dare miss and they strike us off,i have had enough of it all and its getting worse,my town years ago was a lovely place to live,not anymore we cant get into a drs or dentist now days,its awful we have to go up to the drs at 7am to make an appt for that day if not you dont get one.

I had botox in my legs at the very end of December and the Dr commented that it’d only last 3 months but his next available appointment was in May but actually later when letter came thru and now it’s been put back til August!

Frustration is the norm if you can’t afford private

Sonia x

You all make me so very grateful for my GP…he’s just the best, very good caring dr and such a nice man, I know I’m very lucky because prior to this guy I had an awful doctor! Hope you all get sorted soon, Nina x

Hi Pam,

Thank-you for your message.

Frustrating wasn’t the word and it set off the domino effect to how I was feeling :frowning:

I didn’t try the Doctors as they would of only told me that is was about my MS so I would have to see my MS Nurse and it would of ended up being a wasted appointment there.

I will have to just wait until the 17th, and maybe hope that there might be a cancellation before then.

Hope you’re keeping as well as you can?

Twinkle Toes x

Hi mrsJ,

Yes, you’re quite correct that if it had been me cancelling it I might of risked being discharged.

Sorry to hear about how bad your Town has become but I think this is something that’s affecting a lot of places now and that’s awful that you have to be up there for 7am to get an appointment but as Michelle said before the NHS is in crisis.

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Nina,

Wow, lucky you it does sound like you’ve got a great Doctor I wish there was a few more of them around and who also knew more about MS.

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Sonia,

Omg, that’s not good at all and I think that when you had your Botox done another appointment should of been made for you then and there. It’s awful that you have to wait that long and I really feel for you.

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Twinkle Toes,

What is it that you wanted to talk to your MS Nurse about?

Is it anything the Forum community can help you with?


Hi Anthony,

Thank-you for your reply and offer of help but I need to speak to her to put her in the picture about my Personal Circumstances changing and the affects that it’s having on me and my MS.

I have a new appointment made to see her but it’s not until 17th which feels like ages away and I’m trying to hang on but it’s getting very difficult.

I’ve had some lovely shows of support and advice too from the community on here so thank-you to all :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x