I hate bin day

On a monday every other week its brown bin day, where garden waste bins are out on the pavement.

On a wednesday every week its either black bins or green bins.

The big thing is that where i live there is a top pavement then a steep grass verge and then the main road, on bin days i cant get out as the monster size bins are all over the path and its to dangerious to try to get past them, a couple of years back an elderly woman died as she tried to get past the bins and ended up toppeling down the grass slope.

I forgot it was bin day and went to go to the shop and had to turn and come back in,it,s such a beautifull day i trip across the park would have been nice, but the bins are sitting all over the path “laughing at me saying not today its our turn here lol”

Well i should be able to get out tomorrow until the i,m stuck in,i,m sure many people will have similar problems like this.

I share your dislike of bin day, but for different reasons. I live in a flat above a shop, there’s 2 other flats behind mine, and all our bins are in a storeroom downstairs. Who’s the person who 99% of the time ends up putting the bins out? That would be me…

When the MS ramped things up and I physically couldn’t put them out they just didn’t get emptied for about 2 months. They were all overflowing before one of the other tenants finally put one out, lazy devils, lol.

I was intending to put them out on Sunday, ready for Monday emptying, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it, it’s never not been a struggle to do it in the past 2 and a half years. Then, lo, what was that I could hear! Someone else putting them out! (゚O゚) They much have been completely full again, lol.

I don’t get annoyed about this because the least able person in the building’s the one who invariably ends up having to do this job, because they don’t know about my issues. I just get peeved about how damn lazy so many other people are. They overfill them rather than put them out, so the lids are all sticking up in the air, and everyone knows they won’t empty them if they’re like that, idiots. grumbles

It’s Tuesday for me! The householders put the bins out neatly not blocking the pavement but the bin men just leave them any old how. I try to get out with the dog (on my scooter) before the bin lorry does its rounds. At least when they’re empty I can nudge them aside with my scooter but it’s a bit like chicane alley.



You should be able to get the council to take out a bin for you. They will ask you to fill out a form ,worth a shot

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Yes - ask your council - any elderly or disabled folk in our village get their bins taken out for them and put back. But you do have to tell them that you have difficulties.

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Poor you i wouldnt be able to do that its hard enough to put mine out every week and i dont have much in it,can you talk to other resedents and maybe do a rota to see that they get done evrey week,i know what you meen about lids sticking up if there higher than 2" then our bins dont get emptied.


Hi, spacejacket and shoey, i,m not saying i cant put my bin out thanks perhaps you,re answering jellysundea as she has the problem off putting the bins outwhen others can,t be bothered.

The huge problem i have is there is no room on the pavement to get past the bins as there is a steep grass verge dropping down to the road and its impossable to get by the bins so theres no other way off the pavement to get to the road when the bins are out leaving me stranded until they,re all taken in which is usually when they get back from work,its a annoying thing but theres not much i can do about it ,


Barbara, I’ve thought about contacting the other residents about it in the past, but I’ve never come up with a diplomatic enough way of broaching the subject. Anything’s going to come off as passive aggressive, I fear. On the whole it doesn’t bother me, I’ve lived here for 12 years and it’s nearly always been me who put all the bins out, just because. Past residents have pulled their weight and put them out if they’ve managed to beat me to it.

Lol, I’ve just realised what I’m doing here. I think it’s called “being British”… Complaining to other people about something, but finding excuses to not talk to the actual culprits. xD

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Thats true we all do that but anything for a quiet life.


I am feeling cheesey - moving next week, wow a garage for my scooter, and a rubbish shoot on a terrace, five yards from my front door. How cool is that !!!

At my current flat, I struggle around to the bin cupboards with one bag, have to open a numbered padlock, pull the big bin from the wall, so when I open it, the top leans against the wall, then I have to perform a two handed hurling move to throw the rubbish in, shut the lid & move the bin back, ten minute job, then repeat the whole process with the re-cycling stuff. So to dispose of my rubbish, 3-4 times a week takes me about two hours of my precious time. I am looking forward to my new rubbish shoot heaven.

Take care one and all - Mary x

Can the residents leave the bins on their paths and the council collect & replace on their paths (if they have paths).

can you speak to the council to see if there is a compromise. They can then tell the residents of any new arrangements. Can a change in collection time / day help ?

i am sure the council must have come across this in the past.

All the best