Extra bin for general household waste.

Since the council (Aberdeen City) started emptying the bin for general household waste every two weeks instead of every week, I have been really struggling to not have it jam packed full after about ten days or so. Yes I do recycle, we are all good at recycling, all our paper goes to recycling , as do all the bottles, cans, tins etc although we don’t use all that many tins or bottles or cans tbh. So I phoned the council to see if I could get a second bin for general household waste. The lady told me you only qualified if you had five or more permanent members of your household. There are only four of us and I didn’t want to lie. So I asked if there was any other way to get a second bin, and she said you had to have a permanent disability that meant you generated more rubbish than the average person. She sent me an application form which I filled in, put I had ms and was on a medication which had packaging which could not be recycled. So today I got a letter saying I would get a second bin for general household waste and it would be free of charge. (Normally £35). I’m pleased because we could do with a second bin but feel guilty because my Betaferon does not generate that much packaging that needs to go to general waste. I don’t like using my ms as an excuse to get me anything bu that’s what I’ve done. Oh we’ll, don’t know why I’m telling you this but there you go, that’s how to get an extra bin. Cheryl:-)


the opposite happened to me! there used to be 6 of us living here-the week after my ex left they came and collected the half bin. that still leaves 5 but me the only adult…rules,gggrrr!

ellie x

Hi Cheryl,that’s good news.I don’t know if things there are like here,but every bin has a serial number.If the kids use the bin as ‘An all weather mobile bonfire’, or it gets pinched,by quoting the number we get a replacement…Gratis. No number and they want money.

Just a thought,


Why do they have these stupid rules anyway? Why cant they give you an extra bin if that’s what you need. Do they think they’re gonna be inundated with requests for bins if they lighten the rules a bit.

I live in Aberdeen too and was thinking of requesting another recycling box. Do you think similar rules apply here too?


Since we have had our woodburning stove - l must admit l do shove lots of stuff on it that l would normally have put in one of the bins. Even the bag out of the vacuum cleaner. My husband is always scavanging for wood - as he is retired - its his latest hobby! Someone had put a pine bed out - the head/foot board and the slats. But of course the bin men leave that behind. After a couple of months went by l asked the folk if they would like it moved - so off goes hubby - and collects the bed. Took him a few trips - then he had to saw it up - but its kept us warm this week.Keeps him warm as well sawing it up. So its ‘throw another bed head on the fire mother’. We have been burning a neighbours hardwood conservatory as well. Someone else drops off broken pallets.

l also chuck on the vegetable peelings - potato- onion skins etc. And l tear up cardboard for kindling. The ash goes on the garden.

Everything has far too much packaging - we shall be covering this planet in so much rubbish - mountains of it. So little of it is biodegradable. Where will it all end.


Thanks for that advice Cheryl. Pat your rant about dustbins mirrors my rant about them. I hate all the streets litered with them and think them unsightly plus they take up all that garden space. Here neighbours have them outside their front doors - a godsend for burglars!

I loved the old days when the binmen would come into the garden and into the back garden to collect our old tin one then deposit it back where they got it from. I know not all did, but ours did and we knew them by name back then.

How many will be end up with in the end? Perhaps one for each item we chuck away? The boys around here collect them then play drums on in the night when theyre bored. Makes heck of a noise. Wonder what the owners do when they discover theyre missing? Buy more?

Its good to know Cheryl. We got a green bin delivered because we recycled lots and found ours was full after 2 weeks instead of the 4 allocated between emptying.



Good news about your extra bin, Cheryl.

My black bin was nicked this week because I was 2 days late in bringing it in. I’m having a relapse and couldn’t manage the walk to the front of the house for it until yesterday when my legs started working again thanks to the steroids. We’ve only just had new bins so I hadn’t got round to registering it online or painting my house number on it. I’ve explained my illness to the council and hope they won’t charge me for a replacement. If they do, I feel a rant to the local paper will be needed about the git that nicked my bin and the uncaring council that don’t care! In the meantime I’m allowed to cart black bags to the front of the house …


Tracey, Our local council will get the binmen to collect and return your bin if you are unable to do it yourself - any disability or just old age. Ring them up and explain - lets hope you get someone sympathetic to help you.

Tracy, just going to reiterate what “campion” said, our council will also help to collect and return your bin if you are disabled. I haven’t done this because because my husband deals with the bin but if he didn’t I wouldn’t manage myself to put it out and bring it back in. Hopefully your bin will be replaced free of charge. Don’t hold back in explaining to the council that you ar disabled and could not bring your bin back in. Cheryl:-)