I’ve been told by the Council that, No, you cannot have a walkin shower and remain on the housing transfer list…it’s either one or the other. I am on the third floor, 6 flights of stairs, and cannot go out if the lift is broke so am on the list waiting for a ground floor…meanwhile…I have gotten worse with my balance and other symptoms and can no longer sit on the bath board and wash myself, particularly the lower ‘bits’…I am very embarrassed to have my husband wash me and feel that I have no dignity left at all. So…what to do??? Stay here and be able to have some sort of dignity or wait ‘stinking’ for a ground floor??? It’s really disheartening that when I bid and am number 1 on the list…I end up, at the close of bidding…number 189. Seems that I’ll be putrid before I get anywhere.

I’ll keep you company…


You really do need a ground floor apartment/bungalow - Have you asked the MS Society if they can help with your request. The more ‘backing’ you can get the higher up the list you will be. ln the meantime - get your OH to wheel you down to the housing office and park you there - the more ‘putrid’ the better. [Get some doggydodah on your tyres]

But - seriously, get some help from other ms societies - your GP - nurses - even district councillors - you vote them in - make them work for you - same as MP’s.

Thinking of you


thats pretty good advice Campion.

i would definatly get your local mp on your side. thats part of their job i would think?

also give you local welfare and rights a call also if you have a social worker, they could help

good luck

Yep - local MP is the way to go. Being able to get out and about without worry of lifts breaking down is far more important in the longrun than being able to have a shower. You need a groundfloor flat or bungalow first then you can ask again for an appropriate shower in your new place if there isn’t one.

And remember - those who keep pestering are those who get what they want/need so don’t let a day go by without pestering! It’s hard but worth it.

Good luck to you xxx

Hi, what a catch 22 situation indeed. I remember when my sister needed a walk in shower and she lived on the 3rd floor with no lift. she was also told, move or wet room…not both.

Fortunately she did get the move to a block of flats with a lift, on the 2nd floor, which already had a lovely wet room.

Nightmare for you, I`m sure. Fingers crossed the move comes soon.

But, what about this for an idea? I have a daily carer, paid for via Direct Payments, so hubby doesn`t have to wash me now…only very occassionally, if carer is off.

If you wanna ask me about DPs, I`d be glad to help if I can.

luv Pollx