just want a little moan/rant/whinge about the bins.

i got up this morning to a house full of empty beer bottles because my son had a few friends round last night,

i know i should leave it for him but would it get done?

would they recycle properly?

no they flippin well didnt!!

i had to go through the bins and take out the wrong things.

the (all-male) household think i’m fussing about nothing but the bin men won’t take the bins if they don’t have the right type of rubbish in.

so now the poor bin men have been labelled “bin nazis”.

worse still i got so cold outside sorting the bins and i havent warmed up yet.

rant over and now i’m off to bed

carole x

Well I hope you sleep now that you’ve got that off your chest carole. An all male household-that would do my head in


Oh Carole. Not good.

I hope you slept well.

I live in an all male household too. Got 2 lads in their late 20s and if I had to put up with that I would tell them that they don’t drink in the house unless they tidy before bed.

I used to have trouble with my boys continuously using different glasses/cups for their drinks and I got fed up with washing up loads of cups/glasses so I bought them both a Tommy Tippee mug each and his all the glasses/mugs. That worked.

Shazzie xx

I would have dumped the bottles on him when he was sleeping :stuck_out_tongue: