not ms- an unusual problem

my husband has bought a load of reclaimed timber to lay in our lounge and dining room.

it has been put in the garage until he gets the chance to lay it.

problem is tomorrow is bin day and our bins have to be brought through the garage.

the unusual bit is the enormous amount of booze that takes up a lot of room in the garage as well.

i have filled 3 bags for life and there is a lot more left.

i saw a bottle of harveys bristol cream (?) why??

so i’m having a glass.

there is also some peach schnapps which i love, assorted gins (hmmmm) a few whiskys and a cognac.

disaronno and sourz to mix it with.

countless bottles of wine and some cans of beer.

the only solution is to throw a party!

so come on - make like frank gallagher of shameless “partaaay!!”

then the ms in me says no way, seems i have become a party pooper.

carole x

Well, they do say ‘the secret to success is finishing what you started’… cheers! Bottoms up!

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If they are full and not been opened bottles I would say Birthday and Christmas Presents are sorted. Lol

Polly x


Perhaps this is not the correct forum … You need AA.

Joking aside…it will keep! It’s only the wines you might have to drink quicker … Depends what they are.

Hi Carole,

When you are able to have that party, have you considered making the world’s largest and most potent punch? Just lob in some fruit and ‘Robert’ s your aunties live-in lover’*. Of course, the other problem is that you’ll probably end up with each guests bringing a bottle, ie more booze than you started with!

Hope you have fun anyhow mate! Fluffyollie xx

  • or ‘Bob’s your uncle’ If you prefer…
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