pal is people against litter (easily found in a search)

i am feeling particularly useless just now but this reminded me how i can help others-especially as i am nearer to the ground in my powerchair so i may notice things that upright folk dont!

obviously just ignore if u dont think its a good idea…


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Hi, I once challenged a man who threw his pie wrapper on the floor right next to a bin. He yelled at me in a frightening way and my kids were scared he was going to hit me! Obviously that was when the kids were younger and I was well.

Would he hit someone in a wheelie? Like to think not.

But litter louts annoy me too.


Don’t get me going on this subject. People who drop litter, really annoy me.

The back of our flat, overlooks a large car park. You wouldn’t believe the amount of litter, some of these people leave behind…disgusting. I wonder what kind of homes they have

You help people all the time with your wisdom and strength on this site,please don’t forget this … you could never be useless xxxx hugs

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Sorry ellie

I was that busy ranting, I forgot you asked a question

I think your idea is great, if it’s something you really want to do. I’m sorry you’re feeling useless at the moment ellie, I hope you start to feel more positive soon. We do seem to get these times in life, when things just get a bit too much.



thank you, kind words that i needed reminded of…


you have just prompted me to think of something! last year when i was with carer in a car park about 20 miles away it was full of rubbish.i am going to ask her to take me back there but we will be prepared with bags and grabbers etc. i am going to tidy it up! i say i but i mean the royal we-she will do it and i will supervise. we will of course go for lunch too so will make it a good day out. and i will feel better for helping others-everybody wins

its not my idea-someone in edinburgh started it off.