Wheelie bin

While I was suffering from the full effects of the relapse last week some b*gger nicked my wheelie bin. Collection day was Monday and my son had put the bin out the front on Sunday evening. I have been driving to work as my walking is so bad and I park at the back of the house and use the back door which has level access (the front door has 3 big steps so I never use it). I always head straight to bed for an hour after work. Jamie works very odd hours at the local supermarket and had walked past the bin 2 days running on his way to work in the afternoon and when he came home late in the evening he thought it was too late by then as I’ve always told him not to wheel the bins late at night in case it disturbs the neighbours. If I had thought to ask him to bring the bin in he would’ve done but like a typical man he has to be asked! I’m fairly sure the bin was still out there on Tuesday afternoon, I think I noticed it when I drew the curtains and realised I had left it out. On Wednesday, when my walking had improved I remembered the bin and went down the side alley to the front of the house only to find it had disappeared.

I phoned the Council and explained the situation and they have now said they will replace the bin free of charge and from now on the refuse crew will come round the back for my bins and then return them for me. It will take up to 14 days to get my new wheelie bin but in the meantime they will collect my black bags from the back.

It’s nice when your faith in humanity is restored a little.

Tracey x

I think we’re easily pleased Tracey! My bin men are great. If I forget to put the bin out they pull it down the drive and empty it for me. It’s only a few feet away but I’ve had others who would leave it if it was resting on the drive by six inches!

Dreading getting some snow as there’s a big hill near me and the kids pinch the bins to use them as sleds!

It’s the little things that really make a difference eh?

Mags xx

Hi Mags

It certainly is! We’ve just had the new bigger black bins as we also have new food waste bins which we have to start using tomorrow. I hadn’t got round to putting my house number on it as I’ve only had it 2 weeks and been feeling rubbish myself .

I’ll definitely be painting my house number on the new bin when it arrives and on my food waste bin. I certainly don’t want someone elses’s smelly bin, it’s bad enough knowing what I’ve put in it …

Good luck with your bin/sled. I have a feeling that the Council didn’t deliver enough new bins in the area and the people that didn’t get one were too lazy to ring and ask for one so just went round nicking them as I don’t seem to be the only person using black bags at the moment and I know that in my Close we did all have a new bin that first week! Still, it’s nice to know there are some decent people out there if you look hard enough.

Tracey x

Hi, that`s good news re the council. See there are folks who arent programmed like robots and jobs worths.

As for the waste of space who took your bin…not even worth typing about.

luv Pollx

What a lovely tale about the wheelie bin men, just shows how kind they can be, if only we ask.



That’s a great outcome, sounds like common sense has prevailed, and great that the bin men will collect and return your bin. Well done! Cheryl:-)

Most councils often this pull out service so if any one is stuggling contact your council who will help out. These small things mean alot to us and it is one of those things if people dont use them the service will be lost.


Two weeks to get a new bin - wow, you really are lucky!

November 2011 we had a new bin delivered just for cardboard and plastic bottles.
It had obviously been dragged up the road on its lid - battered abraded, and smeared with something yellow/brown in colour.
Time to replace? TWO MONTHS!
And a week later the second replacement arrived!

Much e-mail with the council followed.
We are still waiting for the second bin to be taken away - and that is now into the second year.

Of course, the bin service is contracted out “to save money”.


Hi Geoff

Well, two weeks is the time quoted. We shall see how long it takes in reality. In the meantime I don’t have to lug numerous bin bags down to the pavement which is handy. I wasn’t looking forward to that. One advantage of the bins is that once you have tipped them on to their wheels they are relatively easy to wheel (except at Bank Holidays when they are stuffed to capacity and very heavy!).

Good luck getting your old bin taken away. Isn’t it odd how that hasn’t been stolen :wink: !!


Hi all

The new wheelie bin arrived today but whoever delivered it just left it on the pavement outside. I’m hoping that it was a different crew to the ones who will collect my rubbish weekly. My rubbish was collected from the back garden on Monday but the real test will be this coming Tuesday as this is the first collection of the food waste bins. This service is ‘contracted-out’ from the local council but I hope they have still been told to collect it from my back garden.

Tracey x

It is amazing to think of the things some people will take.

The service your now going to get with your shiney new bin is really handy for you, our bin men do the same for an elderly lady who lives across the road flrom us.



Hi Tracey

I can’t understand ‘up to two weeks’.

I wonder who’s kidding who? Surely they mean the normal plastic type which realistically takes as long as it will take for someone to collect it from the local store? A day, at the most I’d have thought.

Oh, I get it. Beaurocracy!

Yep, maybe two years, if you’re British.

A day otherwise.


ps, I’ve got a good idea. Tell them your Council Tax will take up to two weeks to be paid.