I don't kmow what to call this

Yesterday evening I slipped and sat down on the low wall at the top if the common (Saffron Walden). A car that was going by stopped, turn around, and came back to see if I was alright, when assured I was she turned back round and went on her way. Next time you hear of some (fit in curse word of your choice) doing something awful, remember, there are still good people in this world.

Yes, you’re right David, there are a lot of people out there who care…so pleased that you met one

Hope you’ve recovered from the fall?

Rosina x

It’s good to hear there are some kind people out there

Jan x


i read recently ‘be the change you want to be’

i like it!

i always try to be nice to folk-even if they are not to me cos i dunno whats going on in their head and maybe, just maybe they will be glad that i made the effort to be pleasant to them.

and i can sleep at night knowing that i tried to make a difference to someones life.

ellie, sleep well all

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That’s nice to hear - I think there are a lot of nice people out there - we’re all nice, after all :slight_smile: