husband has a problem with his john thomas

This is making me blush hubby has a problem with his john thomas he said it has stopped working i have read it can affect sexual areas and as already having bladder and constipation not really surprised just another symptom to add to the list although hubby said he will be to embarrased to talk about it to anyone,To me it doesnt really matter and i understand i too have problems i suffer endometriosis myself and get alot of pain downstairs so to speak. xx julie

I wonder if it’s worth posting in the Everday Living Forum I’m sure nobody will mind.

hi julie, your husband needs to pluck up the courage to talk to GP about it, there is nothing a GP hasnt heard before and there are certainly things help x

Hi vithfri and serina he gets very embarassed to talk about problems to do with his man hood he didnt want to talk about his urination problems .xxx julie