Rubbish weekend!!!! :-(

It was supposed to be a lovely weekend! My hubby is in the Army and lives away mon-fri he has a fab flat that we go and visit it him at if he got something on at work. It was his summer ball on Saturday and I was looking forward to it… However my body had other ideas :frowning: so wasn’t feeling grate I went anyway as wanted to have a nice evening and support my OH… I’m not Dx yet but it’s looking more then likley I have rrms (hoping it isnt) and it was only this last weekend that I’ve realized just how much my being ill has started to affect him… I feel awfull We havent really talked about the out comes we have very brief conversations which consist of a question and an answer then the subject is changed… I was hoping that getting a dx would make things go back to how we were before plodding a long as it seems I’ve been ill for what would be 14 years now!! But now my symptoms have affected my bedroom antics, I think this has made him realize things have changed and not for the better… Very sad at the mo and not sure what to do?.. Anyway another day to get to the end of, manning up and getting on with it Rant over… Lol have a good day all xx

Hi, sorry to hear you are having a hard time of things.

It must be hard being away from your hubby all week when your feeling poorly - do you have family of friends close by who can help you if needed? I think you do need to have a proper talk to your hubby about your fears of diagnosis - and his. Communication really is a powerful tool - as hard as it feels to do - it really is invaluable in terms of rewards.

I think men (not all-but some) are quite happy to bottle things up and bury their heads, whereas us women tend to not stop thinking about things until we drive ourselves crazy! Once you talk to each other you might be able to find a way forward - your new normal.

Best of luck

Laura x