Well I went on a journey of self discovery (inadvertabtly) on friday as my partner had arranged for a spa experience for my birthday. Massage (not a deep tissue one like my last one which made me feel worse the next day) and facial were good, jacuzzi was heaven… it was only when I got to the steam and sauna rooms I hesitated and turned to my partner and said I didn’t think it was such a good idea.

To which my partner replied. ‘Well it’s a good way of finding out whether it’s just baths or a particular type of heat that makes you feel worse.’

So after a bit more debating I decided to try it out.

Here was my verdict:

  1. Steam room was terrible, I was only in there for 10 minutes and my pins and needles were flaring up, my tongue was feeling strange and I really felt uncomfy. The worst part affected is usually my left hand which as the time progressed started to curl - my partner calls it the claw - same sort of thing happens after a bath and as well as pins and needles my fine motor control is off and it feels horrible if something touches it. I felt better a good 30 mins and cold shower later and almost back to norm.

  2. The sauna was more palatable. I had residual symptoms post steam room but didn’t feel notably worse.

So in conclusion I think it’s the humidity that triggers off my symptoms. Just thought I’d share with fellow limbolanders.



Very helpful, thanks, Reemz. That has helped me make my mind up about holidays next year. Xx

Hi Reemz,

I’m not a limbolander, but I think it’s damp that really screws with me, as well.

I don’t seem to have a problem with just heat by itself. In fact, I long for a warm, dry summer, instead of the endless rain we had last year.

But if it’s cold OR hot, with damp, I seem to have a problem.

It’s interesting, because traditional Chinese medicine doesn’t recognise any such diagnosis as “MS”. It treats everything as an imbalance of the elements. My acupuncturist always maintained that my problem was an excess of damp. Although I’m a sceptic, and didn’t actually persevere with the acupuncture, it’s noticeable that he seems right about damp not agreeing with me.



Glad to help :slight_smile: Hope you’re going somewhere nice! X

Not now !!! Xx

Oh no - you shouldn’t let it put you off. I wen to Cyprus last year and it wasn’t too humid. I avoided the peak times and evenings were great and much cooler and they had an indoor pool. Despite having to be a bit cautious I did come back feeling rejuvinated and well rested as I just relaxed.

I think just remembering not to over do it and picking somewhere that isn’t necessarily over humid. You can still have a fab holiday. I know quiet a few of the people on here have been on holiday and been fine. It just takes some consideration and pacing.



It’s ok…I was more than halfway there…we have a friend with a villa in Kefalonia…last year was horrendous…by week two I couldn’t walk around the pool !! When we got back, my GP was shocked by the deterioration. Xxx

Hi Tina

I’ve not noted an obvious change with damp and cold but of course it would fit with increased symptoms with humidity. I saw an acupuncturist too - but my experience was terrible. I felt nauseous for a whole week after and unsteady. It could be a coincidence but it really put me off trying more acupuncture.Though some people swear by it.



The heat thing is call uhtoffs phenomena, which is quite common in ms. I have this (it was noted to me when dx) and it is very annoying. It flares when the body heats up.

If i get ever so slightly hot, my body goes crazy. Uncontrollably itchy, tingliy sensations. The worst is in the bath. If its too hot, i get electric shock lile sensations throughout my back and torso.

Its best to try and keep body temperature as normal as possible