Would the humidity be making me feel worse?

Hi everyone

I have been suffering really badly over the last couple of days Usually, like a lot of us, I tend to just get on with it and try and carry on as normal but the last couple of days I have spent most of the time in bed as my legs are so much heavier than normal and my ON is really bad in both eyes, rather than just the right one. My hug is 10 times worse too.

Is anyone else suffering more in this humid weather?

Sorry to sound so miserable. I am usually a really positive person but feeling sorry for myself at the moment and just want to cry.

Take care of yourselves.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

I find damp - in hot weather or in cold - seems to make my symptoms play up (so should move from Britain really, shouldn’t I?). So far, I don’t mind heat by itself, but dislike either warm and humid OR cold and damp.

I’ve never found any scentific explanation why damp might affect it - other than perhaps just the psychological effects of miserable weather. But interestingly, when I saw a traditional Chinese acupuncturist (he wasn’t Chinese, but that’s beside the point), he informed me that, unsurprisingly, traditional Chinese medicine doesn’t recognize any such thing as “MS” (it wasn’t “discovered” then - and is rare in Chinese people anyway). Instead, it views all bodily ailments as the product of imbalances between the elements.

The diagnosis is individual to the person, not the disease, so not everyone with MS would necessarily get the same Chinese diagnosis. But for me, it was an excess of damp! That’s not to say he didn’t believe or accept the Western diagnosis - it’s just a completely different way of looking at things. Although I didn’t persevere with the acupuncture, the “damp” diagnosis does fit very well with my everyday experience - I hate and dread “damp”, but feel better when it’s dry.


Hi Shaz, yeh, I daresay the humidity is making you feel worse.

Just rest up and go with the flow! Do what your body is telling you to do…its the only way to manage this chronic condition. Im not saying anything about giving in…not at all.

dont battle with what little precious energy you have today.

Tomorrow is another day, innit?


I can say almost absolutely it is. Humidity is horrid. I can feel it sitting here typing even though we have the window and patio doors open. I can honestly say I am one of those strange people that hates summer!

its definately high humidity and low pressure, low humidity and high pressure makes my legs better

Hi Shazzie,I really feel for you and have been in your place.However, now I have three de-humidifiers running constantly in my tiny flat.Consequently the humidity is under 30% as opposed to more than 70% outside and my electric bill is bigger than the Greek national debt.

I also suffer when there is high atmospheric pressure and there’s nowhere to hide from that.May I suggest that if you can afford £70 ish you could get a de-humidifier and drop the humidity in one room,unless you live in a shoe box like I do that’s probably all that is practicable.The de-h…s produce heat and at the moment I cannot even open a window and blow the heat out with the big fan.I’m just sitting here in my bikini bottoms, waiting for the weather to become more British.

I went out for 90 minutes on saturday was home by 09.30 but the increase in pain in my feet was awful and I suffered horribly all day.I hadn’t been out for two days and won’t be going out until november the way it’s looking.

Best wishes,

Wb xx <(L)>

Thanks Tina.

It’s really interesting how the weather makes such a difference.

Thanks so much for your reply it has really helped.

Shazzie xxx

Thanks Poll

It’s good to talk with people who understand and you made me laugh with your “innit”.

Take care and good luck next Thurs.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Tweakle Tart.

It’s a shame cause I used to love the summer but not anymore.

Thanks so much for your reply.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Joyj.

I really appreciate your reply. Gonna open all the windows now.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Wb.

Your reply has helped a lot.

I’ve got an air cond unit which is set on air cond. I’m gonna check to see if there is a dehumidiying option on there. If there is then gonna switch it now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Sorry you are suffering too.

Shazzie xx

A definate yes, we have had a stretch of good weather and I have had to cut back on activities, yesterday and now today(raining from the heavens ) I feel better for it I even said yesterday this is my type of weather not that I like it , just my body can cope better.

Thanks Trish for your reply? Sad that we have to pray for rain eh?

Oh well. Soon be Xmas.

Shazzie xx

Me too, humid weather is absolutely the worst. I can take heat but not humidity, it just wipes me out. Val

Thanks Val.

It’s awful isn’t it? I wonder why it makes such a difference.

Shazzie xx

I don’t know… but it’s always bothered me, even before MS I used to get headaches and feel weak and feeble, only improving when the weather changed. Very odd.

Hi Yes definitely humidity is really bad for me, can holiday in Egypt where it is in the 30’s but it is a dry heat and never have a problem, hot sticky humid days in the UK are a nightmare, my balance and eyesight are affected, if you haven’t got a fan in your bedroom it might be worth getting one, Ax

Thank youi A. I bought two fans yesterday for the bedroom and I keep the curtains closed. A bit sad but it works.

Thanks for your good advice.

Take care.

Shazzie xx


Hi Yes definitely humidity is really bad for me, can holiday in Egypt where it is in the 30’s but it is a dry heat and never have a problem, hot sticky humid days in the UK are a nightmare, my balance and eyesight are affected, if you haven’t got a fan in your bedroom it might be worth getting one, Ax

[/quote] I’m the same. Total sun worshiper in dry heat. I lie out in it all day (I’m very pale so any kind of tan takes serious work!) I’m off to Egypt in September and it really helps being near the pool or sea if you get too hot but that muggy humidity we get here just wipes me out. Walking and heat of any kind do not mix at all - I turn into a complete horror!!

Thenks Treacle Tart and have a lovely holiday in Egypt. Look forward to hearing all about it.

Shazzie xx