Effects of High Humidity or am I going insane?

Well I know i am going insane slowly that is for sure. But lately i have noticed a struggle to take a breathe a deep one, and my left breast feels weird really tight and kind of uncomfortable and achey.

I am trying to take a deep breathe and it wont come you know when you take a deep breath and your lungs fill with air. Then it gets worse and I start to panic and feel awful, and yesterday I nearly hit my panic button.

I SURVIVE each one but yesterday it lasted longer then usual.

I was very fatigued though as on Sunday I had family all day, and I actually put food on which i havent done for a long time. Yes it was all from iceland but still the effort made me feel I had achieved something.

I had decided i need to try and do more for myself since loosing my husband so yesterday in the morning although it was raining i potted a few plants and actually repaired some wall paper not much and not a big deal but for me it was a few days prior myself and care worker attacked the under stairs cupboard.

Then the breathing and the weird tightness started.

I hate it and have had about 3 bouts of it now.

Now the one thing I have noticed is the humidity has been very very high when they happen. Yesterday it was 86 RH outside which is really high.

I am going to make an appointment again to see GP.

I wonder if it is the humidity V fatigue V anxiety and over doing stuff.

Its scary when your on your own, but do any of you get this, could the tightness be the HUG? I have seen my GP about it before she didnt seem the least bit worried but it wasnt as bad then.

I dont usually like to ask but yesterday really scared me. x

Hi heather it high humidity or high temperatures goes for the MS the first thing I was told when I was diagnosed

was to avoid hot baths,showers I function better in cooler weather.

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Hi C.Chick, I’m really glad you’re returning to your G.P. She might not be worried, but you are, and understandably so. I totally understand why it’s scary not being able to breathe, especially yesterday. It might be more than coincidence that your worst time happened close to your busy days. Cleaning, clearing, fixing, preparing a family meal and high humidity is a huge contribution to MS Fatigue, you might have a point about the M.S hug, but I don’t know enough about it.

My daughter used to have panic attacks & couldn’t breathe, it terrified her but she didn’t have any pain. Holding a paper bag over her nose & mouth helped her breathing to became normal within minutes. It was stress related.

I wasn’t aware you’ve lost your husband and take my hat off to your positive approach to do more things. Your past few weeks have been very busy giving this beast MS your determination to live your life & triumph over it’s hurdles.

Although it’s fab satisfaction to achieve things, you have overdone it, so MS is letting you know you must rest. Just for a few days. Then hopefully you’ll be able to slowly do what you want to for an hour or two.

Good luck hon, hope you let us know how you get on.

Chrissie x

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Hi Crazy Chick

I’m definitely affected by high humidity. It’s worse when it’s hot too, but even if it’s cold I can feel more tired & heavier. When the air pressure rised and humidity drops, it feels like a weight’s been lifted off me.


The humidity is a killer for me,i cant function in high humidity,and when its hot with it too is even worse,I went on holiday a few yr ago to Menorca it was October and it was hot and very,very humid and i was in bed all week.

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