hubby`s lung function terst (not MS)

Morning campers! Hubby`s just come back after his lung function test.

He was surprised that they didn`t have him running on a treadmill. No, it was all about blowing into tubes…loads of times.

They reckon he is a good blower.

He has an appointment with his RA doc on 8th November and he will have today`s results then.

So, hopefully it will be good news.

luv POllx

Good luck to you both on the results Poll…I dearly hope they are good ones…xx

Glad to read you have got your funding for the hoist to be fitted…happy time ahead hey and a whole lot of fun.

xx Maria

‘Good blower’ sounds positive Poll (!) and not too long to wait for results. Yes hopefully good news…

Pat x

Hi Maria, cheers for your support. Much appreciated.

luv POllx

Cheers Pat…fingers (and toes) crossed!

luv POllx

Hi Poll, I agree with Pat, good blower sounds positive, not long to wait for results either. Take care. Cheryl:)

Hi Poll

Sounds positive, fingers crossed for you.

Take care