update on hubby

Hello playmates!

I`ve had lots of very kind and caring messages following hubby`s x ray last week.


he had a call to say they now want him to have a lung function test. Waiting for an appointment.


He says they must`ve found `something`.


Mmm. guess mind is running at 100mph......trying to keep it calm..well outwardly anyway!


luv Pollxx

Hi Poll,

            Best of luck with the test, and I know it's easy to say, but try not to worry. This is always bad news for the wee sleekit cowrin timerous beastie (MS).



Hi Moira, thanks for your support…means a lot to me.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, try not to worry, easeier said than done i know.It could turn out to be something simple and very treatable.

Good luck, lets know how your hubby goes on.

jaki xx

Of course it may be just to rule things out, so I know its easy to say but try to slow down your ming to just 50mph.

Thinking of you and hope you keep us notified.



Poll, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing I can say to make you feel better. Just hope everything is okay. Suz xx

Hi Poll

I hope everything is fine.  It may be that they didn't find anything and so are doing more tests just to check - I hope so.

Love, Mary


hi poll


i have had a lung function test and i think its just to establish the severeity of any breathlessness.

i had mine after a chest x ray too, i find i get breathless and find it difficult to completely empty my lungs, it measures all sorts related to breathing and the worst part of it for me was to keep blowing out in order to empty your lungs, its a bit like where the police do the breath test when you have to keep blowing until they say you can stop and then they know how much you can empty your lungs if i remember correctly.


i also have asthma but last year that was doubted too as the medications for asthma gave me no relief.  i think im just a complete mystery nervous

anyway im sure it will all be fine and look forward to hearing such.


best wishes

mandy xx

Hi poll,


Sorry to hear hubby has been having a hard time (and you too obv), I hope you can manage to get this sorted out hon, and that the results come back ok...


Love to you both





Morning Polly, haven't been on for a while, sorry to hear Hubby not so good, good luck, take care, Jean x

Try not to worry, Poll.  There's always another test they can do 'just to be on the safe side', and it doesn't always lead anywhere in particular, as we all well know!




Hi Poll, sending lots of love to both of you.

Pat xx

love to you and hubby hope he gets better soon Barbara.xx

Hi Poll,

Haven't been on for weeks. Sorry to hear things for you and hubby aren't good at the moment. Thinknig of you both and hope he's better soon.

Anne x