he`s back...part 2

He says theyve x rayed his chest and took some bloods...have to ring tomorrow for results....all very casual about it and heres me all…you know!

luv Pollx

That was quick! - hope the results are good tomorrow

cheers luv.


hi poll

glad hes home now so you can chill out a bit . xxxx

yeh, panic over.for today at least…ta lots.

luv POllx

Just got back from having our flu-jabs done - me/mum/OH family outing - Hope alls well now - after reading how worried you have been.

have lit the wood-burner - soon heats up the house - dogs are on the sofa in front of the fire.

Polly, l have just put the kettle on the wood burner - it boils in no time - have to remember to use oven-gloves to pick it up!

Lets hope tomorrow brings some good results for you.

love Frances

Sure everything will be fine… Good luck thoughts heading your way with big hugs Jo x Ps. Remember how positive you are to all of us when we need it x

Hope you and hubby are chilling out now and that all is OK tommorrow

((((hugs)))) for you both


Hi hon, glad he got back ok. Do give us update today. Fingers crossed everything’s alright.

Didn’t come back on here yesterday as wasn’t well… but was thinking of you Poll.

Pat xx