How's your belly off for spots?

Hello all, haven’t posted for ages. Combination of serious lethargy in life and trying to find the will to find something interesting to say or do, given that my life is pretty mundane and repetitive. NOT MOANING just saying. So haven’t really got anything to ask or say, just hello and wonder if anyone has any interesting points or observations to share…

why has nobody bought my house?

why can I walk better at 5 in the morning, then after I wake up?

im glad I still laugh at things, (sometimes when I’m not supposed to)

will exercise now make any improvement to my long term mobility?

reading this I realise I am quite self obsessed…hope all well in ms land xxx


hiya slug

you have done something for me today-brought a smile to my face-thank you!

not heard that expression for yonks

to answer ur questions…

i didnt know it was for sale…

sleepwalking? be careful!

laugh/cry/emotional lability? go with it cos i experienced something awful recently-emotionless. lasted 3 weeks and i couldnt/didnt laugh or cry. i was aware of what was happening and was desperate to cry/laugh but couldnt…

yes yes yes-do what u can re exercise!

ellie x

ps no spots-teatree works wonders!


Hiya Slug

Don’t know about you, but I had a rash over my back, upper arms and part of my front that was brought on by wearing thick fleeces all winter that were made of 100% polyester. Now that the weather is purportedly warming up, the extra thick fleeces have gone back in the ‘winter clothes’ drawer and the rash is better.

And, it’s easy to turn into a sloth. I would do it like a shot if I weren’t chivied along by my lovely OH (and by the lovely Boudica). I sometimes react very poorly to suggestions that I leave the house.

Apparently exercise is always good for you. Although I’ve recently given myself a wickedly agonising shoulder by leaning too hard on my walker during the very few little bits of walking I do (using FES). So occasionally exercise can also be bad for you. (I have learned to my cost!)

Is your house actually up for sale or are you just being unreasonably hopeful?


Hello Ellie, glad to hear you are spotless, which is better than being pointless (a state I do find myself in from time to time).

Yes house is for sale, just nobody seems to have noticed.

not sleepwalking, just toilet trips, and it’s not always the case, but I have noticed some fleeting improvement on occasions.

i agree, exercise I must, just really hard to do any little thing, and I notice things stop working but rarely do I feel any improvement…hence pointless above.

I too am feeling a little numb and emotionless, which is not good is it and I guess what prompted me to post. I hope your awful experience has improved slightly, or you have come to terms with it and are feeling something now…at least a smile is a good thing xx

Sue…yes winter warmies not so required so glad your rash has improved.

I had to use crutches to cover not so far yesterday, and was completely shattered. Take it easy but keep going xx

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