A Spotty Summer :-(

Hi Everyone,

I am really hoping that someone can relate to what I’m currently going through…this is my second Summer with MS and I am quickly learning that it is the toughest season for me as the heat affects me a lot plus it adds to my tiredness. I’ve gone through waves of total lethargy and feeling very fat, but then giving into comfort eating at times hasn’t helped! The last month I have been better and continue to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, as well as making a huge effort to each as many fresh food as I can. But one horrid little problem is my skin…I had the usual teen and twenties spots which I dealt with and even in my early thirties I got the odd nasty one. However, for the past 2-3 months I feel like I continuously have spots on my chin/around my mouth, be them small pimples or ‘‘planets’’ as I like to call them. I have tried every skin technique possible but nothing seems to work. So my mind goes to my MS and wonders if the Summer heat and tiredness may be causing or contributing to my bad skin…so I am hoping that someone will reply to this saying they have experienced something similar and could maybe please offer some successful solutions?

I’ll admit I have always been very particular about my skin (drives my boyfriend and family mad!) but this is all really starting to affect me in a very negative emotional way and at times, I don’t even want to go into work or go out with friends.

Thanks for reading and for any help :slight_smile:

hi Lara

i never had spots until i was 40.

my gp said it was rosacia (acne rosacia).

he gave me some tablets which worked for me although he did say that they may not work and i could only try them once.

maybe worth seeing your gp.

i know that in the grand scheme of things spots isnt a major concern but it can put you on a downer.

another thing i get in the heat is sweat rash on my throat and cleavage (such as it is).

stay cool

carole x

Hi all

I’m the same as Carole. Never had spots til I hit 45. Rosacia was diagnosed, but my GP was hopeless. He put me on antibiotics which supressed the spots but didn’t clear the redness completely. When I’d finished the course, the spots came back. Eventually he told me to stay on the antibiotics indefinitely!

Not happy with that I went for a private referral and he was amazed by the GP’s prescription! He put me straight on Lymecylin which cleared spots completely, however, when I tried to come off the medication the spots came back! Looks like I’m on another medication for good!

Emma x

PS Carole - I have the same cleavage (or lack of it!) problem - although in this heat I wouldn’t want it any other way!

ha ha! emma, its great to be able to go braless when its sweltering.

Hi, I’d suggest asking your gp for advice. I thought I had spots but they turned out to be rosecea as others have said. I got a cream (i think it was a steroid/antibiotic mix) and it helped. My spots looked like mini spots, no redness or anything, just little spots that looked like they could do with a good squeeze! Was amazed it was rosecea! Sorry about spelling…