Vitiligo through MS??

Hi All,

I am still quite a newbie to MS, being diagnosed in January of this year. I have had a few different symptoms but not sure of this one which is why I am here again!!

Since the weather has been nice and warm I have been sitting in the garden a lot more than normal. Over the last few weeks I have noticed a change in pigmentation on my skin, like little blotches of white around my shoulders.

I have googled and read that this could be Vitiligo and the cause of this may be from an autoimune disease. Does anyone know anything about this?? I know it seems minor but would really appreciate any help.


Lainey x

Hi, as skin can be damaged by the sun, it may be best to see your GP about it.


i was dx over 4 years ago but my nuero thinks i ,ve probably had it for the previous ten years which is about when i started loosing the pigment in my skin .i now have large white patches of skin all over gp thinks its ms related my nuero says its a possibility .i personally think its ms related too, becareful in the sun as the white patches do tend to burn easily.

take care xx

Never heard of Vitiligo being MS-related ?!!

I used to frequently sunbathe without any suncream when I was young, and often got sunburnt. I’m fair-skinned so burning didn’t take very long in most cases! Don’t have any skin conditions now - with SPMS - or ever, despite the abuse I put my skin through all those years ago.

People suffer from Vitiligo, but I don’t see any connection with MS.

Of course, I’m not a Doctor so I have no medical expertise/experience to call on.

Can’t help wondering if this is another case of blaming MS for everything/anything rather than trying to find an alternative reason?


i too have vitilligo had it for a number of years my nuero says that because my immune system is working so hard to repair its self that sometimes it shuts down certain chemical productions such as the one used to create pigment for our skin .i,ve forgotten the name of the chemical don,t have such a good memorey any more.


Hi! I know These threads are 5 years old or more, but I have been experiencing a rapid outbreak of wdepogmemtation in the last 4 months, and it’s takkng over areas of my body that never see the sun. Also, my hair “down below” has developed white hair, not so much white as I’ve seen it just slowly loose color. I cut Some just to make sure I wasnt Going crazy and found quite a few that I’d let grow out are half normal colored half non colored… more info than ppl want to know normally I know, I am Sorry, but I just Want to know if anyone has found a correlation to MS and de pigmentation yet? Thanks for your time

No need to worry about too much information. Nothing is off topic on here. We can even use the words Pubic Hair.

I’ve had very noticeable Vitiligo on the back of my hands this summer, as well as on one armpit. My normally dark eyebrows have lost some pigmentation also and have white/blonde bits. I don’t like my new stripes! Can’t comment on pubic hair as I like a Brazilian.

I’m not on any DMDs as I’m diagnosed ppms and only take Baclofen 20mg daily, Vit D and Thyroxine for Thyroid levels. I’d be interested to know if others have this too.

Hi there Rivetnrose,

You ask if anyone has found a correlation to MS and depigmentation. Well, I’ve had vitiligo for many years now, both hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. I’m not too badly affected, but the sun always makes the light patches more visible and they readily burn, also they turn my hair white.

My late mother was one of six siblings who all developed vitiligo in adulthood; some quite extensively. I also know of cousins and a great aunt with it; however, I am the only one in the family to have MS so it seems unlikely there’s a link, but that’s just my experience - I’m certainly not qualified to give a professional opinion.


Poppy - all six of my mother’s family had thyroid problems; happily I do not.

Hi Ben. My thyroid problems only began about two years ago, a year post ms diagnosis. I believe that’s coincidental… Many years ago, 15/20 maybe, I had very slight vitiligo on the back of one hand. It only appeared in summer and was gone, along with the sunshine. I put it down to sun damage as I’m a sun worshiper. However this year it started again and is very pronounced. Not a pretty sight either. Intend using SPF50 on them from now on in sunshine. Being in the wheelchair means my hands are always exposed. Nobody in my family has ms or any autoimmune problems.

My Vitiligo started to develop around six years ago mainly around my mouth (Sod’s law!). More noticeable when I’ve been in the sun I use factor 50 these days. I also started going grey 25ish years ago however grey hair runs in my mums side of the family so I think I take after her.

I’ve tried covering it with make up but as I’ve never been a big fan of lots of make up I never learned how to do it properly. I also tried the make up specifically used for vitiligo, it felt and looked awful so I’m stuck with the patches.

Jan x

Jan, Google a product for covering tattoos. A friends daughter used it on her wedding day for an inappropriate tattoo on display. Amazing! Or there’s a type for covering a birthmark. Enquire from the red cross maybe?

Hi there,

I am just browsing here…

I noticed a lack of pigmentation on my hands. Definitely noticeable in the summer after playing tennis when hands were

exposed. Vitiligo maybe?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a member of the Vitiligo Society for many years.

There’s lots of info on the condition, latest research, a forum and regular newsletters. If any of you are interested, here’s a link to their website…

Although Vitiligo (known as Leucoderma in the USA) may not seem as serious as MS, it really can be quite distressing for some sufferers.


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Thank you Poppy, I’ve tried Keromask and Dermablend both were too heavy for me, maybe because I was using on my face.

Jan x