Sun dried apricots anyone?

Hello all,

I hope that all are as well as the MonSter will allow. I have been sunbathing a lot lately, now that ‘Summer’ has finally arrived, and I mentioned to my MS nurse how tanned I am now, I only have to sit in the sun for a short time, and I soon look the colour of someone from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. My MS nurse said that this is caused by some of the DMDs we take (my own is rebif, but Campath is the best for this apparently). She and the other nurses say that they can tell when a person has MS, even in a crowded room of other patients. I was a bit dumbfounded to be honest, as I had put all of this down to my dedicated work on the patio. But, looking on the bright side, assuming that ‘orange me’ has no other complications, I could cope well with this side effect. Has anyone else on the forum noticed that they look suspiciously like a returning holiday maker? Maybe we could market the drug side effect to gain extra funding for the MS society.

Best Wishes,


Nope. Legs still like oven-ready chicken here. Sorry. Alison x

Yes but I always did tan easily so I put it down to my recent hard slog on the patio. Interesting about the DMDs though - did they mention Betaferon? I suppose they’re all much the same.

I have the attractive steroid flush at the moment so I am a variety of healthy colours and am getting the ‘you look well’ comment frequently. Not that I’ve ever minded that, it’s nice of people to say.

If you can tolerate the sun, enjoy it while it lasts. Saves taking a load of Vit D…

Hello Val,

My MS nurse didn’t mention Betaferon, but they are all much of a muchness aren’t they? I am now so tanned that I get shocked when I walk past a mirror! Strange side effect. I hope that you are coping well with the steroids. I don’t like those flushes, especially as I get bags under my eyes when I am in a relapse, and the flushes make me go white - not an attractive side effect.

Best Wishes,


Perhaps its not just DMD’s doing the tanning thing, its all us msers trying to get as much vit.d3 as possible.

I cant say Im anything other than browned off, my skin dries so much I look very wrinkly! (although am being tested for another disease which causes skin problems!), as if we dont have enough to worry about eh.



I don’t like anything about steroids Moira, but touch wood they seem to be working really quickly this time. Just as well, as with no more Olympics next week I might as well get back to work ASAP!


Hi Moira

You lucky girl looking like you’ve been on hols. I haven’t had a tan for ??? years but I used to overheat just like my mum, dad goes brown at first sign of sun.


Yvonne xx