does anyone with ms also have vitaligo???

Hi Moggie

I know little about vitaligo but I do know that it’s thought to be caused by the immune system attacking the pigment cells - so an autoimmune condition possibly? That said I don’t think they really know, much like other autoimmuine conditions.

I’m not sure whether it’d be of help or not but there is a vitaligo society website…

Debbie xx

Thanks Debbie, my great aunt had it, my dad has it and im starting to show signs of it, my great aunt also had thyroid problems. Just wondered as its an autoimmune disorder and may have links to ms? Im still in limbo land and been ill for 3 years now, but i just wondered if any connections

Thanks again x

Hi ya Moggie,

According to the info on the website some people may be predisposed to vitiligo particularly if they have relatives who have it or if there’s a history of an over active thyroid and / or if there are other autoimmune conditions within the family. It’s thought that genes play an important part in vitiligo.

As to whether there’s a link between vitiligo and ms, well I don’t see why not being that it’s deemed as ‘autoimmune’. Unfortunately it is possible to have more than one autoimmune condition.

It might be worth having at look at the following websites:

I’d certainly mention your family history to your neuro (if you haven’t already) and if you’re starting to show signs of vitiligo then perhaps make an appt to see your GP too.

Hope that helps even a little…

Debbie xx

Mornin Moggie! x take a look at Kaye’s post Another ‘Im going slightly mad’ post

She posted last night and mentions Vitiligo as one of her symptoms xxxjenxxx

Thanks guys, you are all so helpful xxx

I’m a bit confused. Is MS a neurological condition or an autoimmune one? Or both?

I’m a bit confused. Is MS a neurological condition or an autoimmune one? Or both?

…and why did my post come out twice?

Hi Midnightmoon

It’s both really. An autoimmune condition is where the bodys own immune system attacks itself. In ms it’s the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) which is attacked. It’s neurological because the brain is what is primarily affected therefore causing the messages transmitted from the brain to the rest of the body to become confused and all mixed up.

…this is very much in laymans terms by the way…

Debbie xx