Just gathering opinions

Hi Everyone! I’m just poking around here because I’ve had some issues and I have a Dr appointment this Friday but I wanted to discuss symptoms. I know you guys aren’t doctors, but I have obsessive thoughts so I just wanted to chat with people more knowledgable than me and to not rely on “Dr. Google.”

A few things: I had Mono back in college and I’m reading more and more that people who had mono are more likely to get MS, is this true? Have you guys ever had mono?

I recently learned I have rosacea which is a form of an autoimmune disorder (and my mother has alopecia) which makes you more likely to have another auto immune.

I also had a B12 deficiency when I became a vegetarian 6 years ago. I had REALLY bad anxiety, and finally when I took some B12 my anxiety went away. I also had a Vitamin D deficiency (which can also aid in MS) .

Symptoms: Now I almost always have restless legs symdrome. Some times it gets bad, other times its not so bad. I notice caffeine can increase the sensation but I have a small baby that wakes up a lot at night (and a full time job) so I need caffeine to function so now its pretty bad but I’ve learned to deal with it. When it gets really bad I get the tingling sensation in my legs and twice in the back of my head. It lasts for a couple of seconds but its weird.

About three years ago my left and right leg cramped up really bad. The left was worse than the right to the point where my toes pointed up more. I took some magnesium and that hasn’t happened since.

Also, I’ve had two ocular things happen in 15 years - it looks like there was static coming in at the corner of my vision. This went away in about 20 mins I thought I was having a stroke! And this hasn’t happened since.

Do these symptoms sound anything like your MS symptoms? I’m also considering the fact that I have permanent nerve damage from my B12 deficiency.

Thank you for letting me vent.

hi Sp

you know that we can’t diagnose you.

talk to your gp and the links between symptoms that you have noticed.

he or she may decide to refer you to neurology or may not.

to be honest it doesn’t sound like ms to me.

that’s a good thing!

perhaps your doctor will refer you to other specialist doctors or perhaps not.

sorry i sound very woolly, i am quite woolly but hope you understand.

mono is also known as epstein barr and can lead to ms so maybe your doctor will see the link.

you’re welcome to vent.

carole x

I agree with Carol; it doesn’t sound like MS to me, but only your doctors can make that diagnosis, and only after numerous exams. It’s a good idea to go in to see what mat be causing your symptoms either way.

To respond to a couple of your questions:

I’ve never had mono. My sister did, and she doesn’t have MS, I do

Only one other person in my immediate family has an autoimmune disease, and this is the only one I have

No B12 deficiency here, although my D levels get rather low

Finally, I’ve had a similar ocular issue, but it was due to a “silent” migraine, meaning that I had symptoms of a migraine without the headache

Don’t drive yourself mad looking up symptoms online.

I did my own forensics on net as to what my condition could be. Pestered my gp with lists of possibilities. Had the tell tell signs of ms with optic neurosis, staggering as if in a drunken stupper etc… Only by having an NMRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resoning Image) chemical definition! My clever Chemistry Degree son informs me … through a Neuro Consultant my ms was discovered. Regards your plight I would see your gp and take it from there.

All the best…

How often did your optic neurosis occur?

Hi Sp

We can’t diagnose. Thats for the GP. Cut out the caffeine entirely. Thats doing you no favours. No one “needs it to function”. It may feel like you do…guess what ? you’re addicted to caffeine. Its a diuretic, so that may be a problem. Try green tea - it will detox the system and may get rid of the twitchy muscles at least. And cramps.