Do I have MS?

Hello all, tried to post this once before, but something went wrong? I have coeliacs and menieres disease already, the first of which is an autoimmune disorder, but I have other symptoms bothering me and don’t know if I’m making something out of nothing. I would really value people’s opinions. I’ve had a tremor in my left arm for years. If I reach for a drink or put my fork to my mouth it’s really noticeable. I get tingli and numbness in my left arm and left little finger constantly and just lately I have bilateral heel pain, tingling and numbness. I experience occasional sudden jerks, the kind you get as your dropping off to sleep in my legs every now and again and I also have depression and sometimes get blurred vision. I have no bladder or bowel problems. What do you guys think? My neuro when diagnosing me for menieres said I had some ataxia and very brisk reflexes.

Hi it’s nigh on impossible to tell you if you have MS or not as (as far as I know) none of us are neurologists. The symptoms you describe can be found in MS but also in a vitamin deficiencies. If you are concerned something else is happening alongside the coeliac disease and menieres then speak to your neuro, they will be best placed to give you some answers. Maybe suggesting an MRI If you haven’t had one already? Good luck, hope things improve for you soon. Laura

Have just spent three hours in A&E after waking up this morning with pins and needles all down the left side of my body. Got Togo back later this week for a day of scans as they think it could be either MS, a TIA or a vitamin deficiency. Very scary.


It is scary, there’s no arguing that, but hold on to the fact that you are on the way to getting answers (although it can often take much longer than we would all like.)

Hopefully it will turn out to be something that is easily and quickly sorted.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Thank you.