Do I have MS?

Hello everyone. I’ve been suffering with a few things just lately and want to know your opinion before I go to my doctor with them. I already have an autoimmune disorder - Coeliacs Disease - and have also recently been diagnosed with another, - Menieres Disease. But recently I’ve noticed an accumulation of symptoms that on their own don’t seem much, but adding them up, seems like MS. I have a tremor in my left arm that I’ve had for years. It’s positional, meaning it comes on only when my arm is in certain positions, say reaching for a drink or putting my fork to my mouth. A neurologist said i had some ataxia and brisk reflexes, when he was diagnosing my menieres. I keep getting pins and needles in my heels, or pains, or complete numbness and I also get this in my left lower arm and little finger on my left hand. Sometimes I get blurry vision and no matter how much I rub at my eyes it won’t go and slowly recovers after an hour or so. I get really tired by the evening and sometimes will have the odd muscle spasm or sharp pain like a myoclonic jerk. What do you guys think? Should I be worried? I’m female, 40 with four kids.