New diagnosis and before diagnosis

Just signed up, my story is similar to others. I am seeing another neurologist this month. Putting ms symptoms aside, the following is what I experience: spasms in hands, feet and face (trimengenial neuralgia), tingling and buzzing in my arms and legs and burning sensation (at worse feel like I have scolded myself), crawling sensations under my skin and in my scalp. My hands and legs twitch and I can experience twitching eye lids, which last for weeks at a time. I have at various times over the years experienced a tight sensation around my chest, which can be quite frightening as it feels as if something is constricting my breathing. At times I have difficulty walking and at variable speeds, often stumbling and losing my balance, walking off center. I also have speech problems, at times sounding drunk, use the wrong words, have difficulty recalling words and at worse writing the wrong word down. I experience chronic fatigue, and painful muscles. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia; have B12 deficiency for which I have injections. I have had Epstein Barr virus at least twice, and 2 years ago had the shingles. I have recently been diagnosed with hemachromatosis. Past issues include drop-foot, clonus, left sided weakness, and neurological deficit at different points over body, paralysis down one side (migraine induced?). I food intolerances wheat and milk, I suffer with bowel problems not passing anything for up to 10days at a time, my bladder will often go into spasm and I can’t wee. I have had eye problems, Iritis and query optic neuritis but a MRI last year was clear. The only investigations so far are MRI’s showing no lesions, nerve conduction studies on hands, which should mild and moderate symptoms for which I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, (July last year, it failed so had it repeated in the October and I am still having problems) and that is it. My question is should I when I see him ask for an ms screening?

Anyone share a similiar experience only to find you have ms?