Awaiting Results / Vitiligo

Good morning everyone! To explain in short my problems, I have chronic abdominal pain, neck/shoulder pain causing nerve pain down arms, strong tingling and numbness in feet and hands and headache/face pain (face pain is new). I have been spending the last three years with not one test showing any results (which yes is good in one way, but hard in another). I am currently awaiting results from a lumbar puncture for MS and have my first appointment with neurology in a few weeks. Yesterday I got my first ever diagnosis (even though it’s a tiny thing, it’s the most I have had in the last few years). I have vitiligo in my back. Getting this diagnosis means I feel slightly less crazy believing something isn’t right with my body. I’m in so much pain and getting no where. This morning all the muscles in my feets/legs, arms/hand, neck and head are in so much pain and tingling, plus a headache (or eye pain I can’t tell). I was just interested if anyone else has vitiligo and/or had similar symptoms but diagnosis. I feel like I’m going crazy and slowly running out of options. Thanks all!

hi keeleyann

i didn’t know that vitiligo was painful or is it your ms that is causing pain?

my son had vitiligo when he was in australia.

of course he made a wisecrack about moon dancing as michael jackson had vitiligo.

i always thought that vitiligo was patches in skin pigment.

sorry you are in pain.

Hi Carole,

Yes, Vitiligo is a skin pigmentation/skin patches condition and it doesn’t cause any pain.

Maybe Keeleyann misheard what the Consultant said, and maybe the pain is MS pain and I really feel for her if it is.

Twinkle Toes x

Sorry I was very tired writing this post and haven’t explained myself very well. I am currently suffering with abdominal pain, neck/shoulder pain, arm/hands numbness and tingling. Which has now progressed to my feet, legs and right side of face (which is getting progressively worse this week). I had an lp couple of weeks ago when the tingling in my feet started (LP gave me horrific side effects too) some of the tests were clear but I am awaiting my Ms results. Separately to this I have been loosing pigmentation on my back which has been diagnosed as vitiligo. I have been suffering with pain for three years and this is my first ever diagnosis. Even though it is a small one, it shows me maybe I’m not crazy and I have at least one autoimmune disorder. My symptoms are getting so bad I have hardly slept last night. But I don’t believe going back to the hospital will do anything so I’m just plodding on. Hope that makes a bit more sense.

Hi Keeleyann,

Welcome to the forum.

Please don’t apologise for being tired and feeling like you didn’t explain yourself very well, I think we can all be like that sometimes.

I’m sorry to hear about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, and yes, some of them could be that of MS but they could also be something else and it’s good that you’ve already had an LP done as that will help with the confirmation of a diagnosis of MS, or not and I really hope that it’s not.

As for the Vitiligo, I’m sorry that you have been diagnosed with it but I do believe that there are some treatments available for it which I hope will be suitable for you.

Please do let us know how you get on with things.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x