Is acne related?

I’m currently being plagued by back acne. This comes and goes in terms of the severity but possibly becomes worse ( and quite uncomfortable ) when I’m fatigued and not having a good week. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m 45 and shouldn’t be getting embarrassing and painful spots!


i went to my gp with spots on my face when i was 40.

he was a fairly old doctor and used to speak in such a deadpan way.

he said “well you’re 40. it’s middle aged acne.”

i never had acne before in my life.

anyway he said he could give me a prescription of pills to take.

if they didn’t work there was nothing else he could do.

thankfully they worked!

ask your doctor if there is anything he could prescribe.

carole x

I’ve always had acne to a greater or lesser extent. It started at puberty, and I never thought for a minute I’d still be moaning about it at almost 49, but here I am!

As far as I’m aware, it has nothing to do with MS, but may have a lot to do with female (and male) hormones. Women have testosterone too - albeit in much smaller quantities than men - so it could be linked to levels of that.

I’m nowhere near as bad as I was in my teens, but it still doesn’t take much to get a zit. I think heredity probably plays a part, because come to think of it, I remember my mum squeezing spots in front of the mirror (yuk!). She must have been well into adult life, and not a young girl - because she didn’t have me 'til 24 - so I think it’s like mother, like daughter.

There is another known case of MS in the family, but it was my dad’s side, not my mum’s - hence no blood relative of hers at all. Thus I don’t think her pimples - or mine - have anything at all to do with my MS. Just another damn thing!

It’s funny (strange, not hilarious) that little health niggles that never really bothered you before sometimes feel like the last straw, once you’ve got MS.

I’ve always had a runny nose - I think the medical term is: “perennial rhinitis” - can’t go anywhere without a tissue. I put up with it for 40+ years without really feeling especially bothered about it, but sometimes, now, the damn runny nose feels more depressing than the MS. I suppose it’s the feeling of: “On top of everything else I have to put up with!”

Having a runny nose seemed fair - as long as you never got anything more serious. Having MS AND a runny nose now seems terribly UNfair, and weirdly, it’s sometimes the nose that bugs me most. No, it’s not enough that I’m always knackered and really have to make an effort to go anywhere. I still have to take a collection of hankies too!