Acne breakout when on a relapse?

Ok so i know this is stupidly random but its been bugging me for a while. So my optic neuritis is slowly healing. My bad eye is now 20/60 which is much better than it was 3 weeks ago.

My neurologist is really happy with how im coming out of this relapse and is happy for me to try LDN now. He isnt even pushing me for Copaxone now, this is because i come out of relapses nicely so he said theres not as much pressure now. He did say if i relapsed again in a year he would be very pressurey to go on it.

Anyways the point is the 2 relapses that ive had everytime my skin goes im coming out of this relapse now but got a real bad breakout.


Is this just coincidence or stress or could it be the inflammatory process going on in the body?



I am not sure if it would be the MS or just stress.I got spots on my arms and face when I am feeling low.


Charlie - have a look at the everyday living foruming - I've seen a few people comment on acne and MS.



Thanks guys x

Thanks Reemx