Another relapse?

Brief synopsis

Relapse in Feb 12, ON in Sept 12 followed by 2 relapses in Nov 12.

Diagnosed in Dec 12 and started on Copaxone.

Had steroids in September, December and Feb this year which cleared up almost all symptoms.

But I think I’m getting ON again in the same eye I had it the last time.

I’m going to wait and see if it gets worse but if it does and this is another relapse, what does that mean in terms of DMDs? Are they not working? My vision in that eye is slighty “watery” but I have no pain and can still see colour which is different to the last time. It also comes and goes and is worse at certain times. Would it maybe be some residual damage from the ON I had last year?

I’m so sick at the thought of another relapse so soon. I had hoped I’d get some sort of break from the onslaught of the symptoms once I got diagnosed and started meds.

I’m afraid that DMDs don’t promise the stop of all relapses and they also tend not to be up to full working strength for six months or more (I thought Copaxone was quicker, but you’d have to ask a neuro as I could easily be wrong). Hopefully, the Copaxone will keep it from getting too bad if it’s a relapse, but it may not be one as things like viruses and infections can set off what feels like a relapse or it could have a perfectly normal, non-MS explanation.

I’d recommend seeing your GP and seeing what they think. Seeing an ophthalmologist seems like a sensible thing too so I’d get my GP to refer me, if I were you. While you’re at the GP’s, ask for a urinary tract infection (UTI) test, just in case - they can occur without any of the normal signs and can cause havoc with MS symptoms.

I hope it’s short-lived, whatever it is.

Karen x

Ah, I actually have a bit of a dose at the moment. Sore throat and sinus pain. So maybe it’s connected to that and will just go away. I’d forgotten that about symptoms and being ill. Hopefully that is all it is.

I’m not sick as such, I’d never go to the GP with a sore throat and a case of the sniffles usually. Think I’ll leave it a few days and take paracetemol etc and see what happens.

I rang the GP and they advised me to come in so I am now on steroids and antibiotics.

Double whammy of steroids and antibiotics is taking no chances (sounds like your GP is going to be one to stay with!). If it was an infection, then you’ll probably be feeling much better once you’ve had a couple of the antibiotics. They work amazingly quickly :slight_smile:

Karen x

I’m very lucky with my GP practice. Two of them have worked in neurology before. So they picked up on the MS stuff right away and know how to treat it when it kicks off.

I’ve to go back if the ON gets worse and they’ll send me to the hospital.