Back to my Neuro

Hi all,

So in summary:

Dx in dec 2013 following a year of intermittent sensory problems and then optic neuritis in nov

Started Copaxone at the start of March, quickly followed by a return of O/N in my other other eye. This was followed by bad back pain and fatigue. 6 weeks off work

Returned to work and then got Labrynthitis and a numb tongue, lost all taste and smell. I had the typical vertigo, double vision, balance problems.

Just gone back to work on a phased return but since July been suffering with randome jerks in my right leg, tremor in my right hand and sensory problems. I can’t write using a pen for more than a couple of sentences. My leg feels heavy and just seems to want to do its own thing, cue further balance problems. My speech is also starting to slur at times and my cognitive skills are getting rubbish, forgetting things and stopping mid conversation as I’ve got lost.

Sooooo, my nurse has referred me back to my neuro. I anticipate a further MRI will be requested? Be good to hear similar experiences.

L x

Apologies for typos x

hi star

i have an appointment with my ms consultant on monday.

i hadnt had a relapse since starting copaxone in 2008 until this year and although the relapse is over i feel worse overall.

wondering whether to tell him this but scared of being told i’m now SP.

then again if he offers another MRI and maybe one of the oral DMDs that would be great.

decisons, decisions!

carole x

Hi Carole.

I hope you get the answers you kinda want. It does worry me but I just want to get sorted and for the relapse to slow down. My work friend could hear the slur today, horrid! :frowning:

Let me know how you get on!

L xx