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Hi I’m not sure if anyone can help me. I am sorry if you feel it is inappropriate for me to post on here but I really need advice.

My daughter is due to start a drug called roacutane for her acne next month. A friend of mine has contacted me to say her friends daughter developed MS 3 years after taking this drug. I have since googled it and come with quite a few links to the drug and MS. I am obviously extremely concerned and wondered if anyone diagnosed with MS has previously taken roacutane also known as accutane. Thank you for and help you can give me. And I’m sorry if I have come to the wrong place


All welcome on here never need to feel your in the wrong place. Personally no experience of the drug. But have you answered your own question, go with your gut feel all drugs carry risks. Im soon to start a disease modifying drug and im terrifed, generally terrified and its been the worst thing I could have nearly imagined. I would swap ms for acne in a heart beat.

If your not happy dont. It seems us humans dont get many chances.

Look into other stuff… apple cider vinegar, gut probiotics, proper ones not just yogurt?

All the best no need to rush into anything, time heals skin. Time does not heal ms.



Does your friend have the supernatural powers that allow her to know that, if that girl had decided against the acne drug, she would NOT have got MS three years later? Of course she doesn’t. Maybe the girl would have got MS just the same, only with the added burden of the psychological harm and lasting physical disfigurement that the lack of good treatment for severe acne can cause a young person. Your friend does not know: she cannot see around corners.

Of course you are worried - I’m afraid that seems to be in the job description (I am not a mother myself, but feel that I can safely assert from observation that this is so!) But you cannot see around corners either. There are few risks in life than can be eliminated without increasing the chances of a different one. That is why we have drug testing and doctors. They don’t always get it right, but they do have more chance of seeing more of the full picture than we civilians can and of assessing the balance between small risks with a big impact (like MS) and big risks with a smaller impact (like poorly-managed severe acne at a difficult age). I hope that you can trust the doctor’s judgement about what your daughter needs most right now and what is likely to do her most good and least harm.



Thank you very much for your replies I really appreciate your comments xxx

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