How your brain can turn anxiety into calmness video

Hi I found this video on Youbube. It’s How your brain can turn anxiety into calmness. Its made by the University of California for the general public.

I was falling alseep with his relaxing voice. It helped me understand how anxiety effects us and what we can do about it.

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i watched the first 10 mins. just over 2yrs ago my life changed dramatically permanently (not for the better!)

it was this sort of change in my thinking thats kept me strong. sounds dramatic? believe me its true!

thanks for sharing-i hope to watch it all sometime…


Thanks for posting this. I’m hoping it eventually sinks into my tiny brain but it seems enormous mind !!! This is where my problems stem from not my physical loss of ability & the rest of my ms … The way I deal with it mentally, in fact the way I deal with everything mentally. I was only reminded of it last week on this very forum, THANK YOU, LouLou :slight_smile: