Anyone else find it difficult to wind down?

Hi folks hope you are as well as can be…

I am finding it hard to calm myself down, so much so that I am ending up with migraines, or doing something stupid, like having an accident or loosing things, it also makes my spasms and pain much worse and makes me shaky.

I’ve always been a shy person, very slow to anger but these days I get so strung out. Because I do voluntary work I need to keep my brain active but find it hard as my brain then races away and makes me nervous. This has been going on for the last 10 years and I know now I had a relapse 12 years ago. Sometimes I give up on the day, take my Amitriptyline and go to bed. Does anyone else suffer with this racing brain syndorme? Or is it my personality.

Thanks for any replies.



Hi Wendy x I’m there too!

My body has lterally slowed down practically to a halt but my brain is still whizzing away - constantly!

As soon as I wake in the morning the thoughts come rushing in and evrything just goes round and round and round in my head. I just keep wanting and wishing for a ‘quiet mind’! Just some peace from it all - I want so much to slow it down and be calm - calm is such a lovely word!!

Calmness - that’s my main aim in life at the mo!! xxxxjenxxxx

Hi Wendy, Yes! I put a post like this on PPMS recently and didn’t get hardly any response… but I get this. My brain races and I can’t calm myself down and then I crash big time… I know I’m going to crash and can’t stop myself. It’s like I’m on a drug. It’s awful.

Nothing seems to help. It goes away for no reason and then comes back for no obvious reason… except that I didn’t have it before MS.

Pat x

Thanks folks, perhaps it is MS after all, I need to go back to relaxation tapes I think.



Hi Wendy,

Im with you on this one.

Even if my body is knackered just cant seem switch brain of,most of the time it is about somthing trival.

Listened to relaxing music,did help and cant remember why i stopped, but will start again tommorow.

Pretty sure it is MS related.

Good luck in your search.

Take Care.


Hiya Wendy

I dont think its MS related-its human related! LOL

Have u considered meditation as an option of helping you? I have been going to classes weekly for 15 months and its helped greatly with alot of the non-essential thoughts fighting for attention in my head…

Ellie x

Hi, Yep i get this to and thought it was M.S but have now realised it was me trying not to be me with M.S, always used to get it straight after a relapse or bad spell, and went at a hundred miles an hr for anything up to 10 days and nights some times!!. but since my change of lifestyle and finishing work which inc a large amount of deadlines i havent had it- and its amazing!!.

I used to joke that for 10 days I was like Usain bolt trapped in Dawn french’s body (sorry dont mean that to be rude-dawn French is lovely and we could swap wardrobes with ease).

I was convinced it was an M.S symptom as i had had it for 15 Yrs


Hi and yes folks, you do have a point, I am trying to do things like I used to but my body and brain say ‘no’, just can’t get used to not being ‘the one who gets things done’. It must be the same for people who are ageing. You are supposed to slow down. I keep on ending up with migraines which is not good. Listened to my Stephen Fry tapes last night and had a better night’s sleep.


Hi Wendy, you get Migraines i get panic attacks!!. im like a wirling durvish today, but thanks to the councilling i can recognise why, the kids go back to school tomorrow, and I hate it here without them, Tomorrow will be my 1st real day after giving up my business, as had a week to swap stuff to new lady and then it was easter hols for the kids, I hate living here- its complicated but my Hubby is being very supportive and its getting better to be here.tomorrow will be awful but hopefully because i recognise why i can keep the panic in check.

Take care honey