Do you get out of control excitement since ppms?

Hi gang, I know we all get different levels of depression linked to MS, but do you also get really over-excited?

I never used to get like this before PPMS but sometimes it’s like I’m on a drug or something and my brain is going waaaaayyyy too fast and I sort of get obsessive compulsive and can’t ‘settle’ to anything.

I know that at some point I’ll crash with fatigue but can’t stop myself. As soon as I start trying to concentrate on something my ‘busy brain’ sends me off to do something else… or I spend hours on laptop going from site to site and not really achieving anything at all BUT can’t stop myself!

Yesterday I was in bed all day with fatigue… today I’m trying to tell myself ‘CALM DOWN DEAR’ as feel like I’m on speed or had dozens of cups of strong coffee (which I haven’t)… and stupid thing is I know I will end up in bed again later today exhausted.

Anyone else?

Pat x

Hello Pat,

Thats a new one on me but I can understand it happening, our brains are full of weired and wonderful chemicals. with the wiring getting worn away, I wouldnt be supprised at any sudden emotional changes. Maybe worth a meantion to those (suposedly) in charge.

I do find myself having conversations with myself though, I will say something and assume the answer (usually quite negative) before the other person responds, But maybe thats just grumpy old woman syndrome ha ha.

Aye up Pat. Are you on sativex?

luv Pollx

ps, dont think i can answer yes to your queation tho. x

Hi Poll, no not on anything (well, statin but that can’t be it). Seeing GP on Thursday for new drug neuro wants me to try… already forgotten the name… maybe it will calm me down…hope so.

Knackered today. Haven’t even got dressed. One bloody extreme to the other!

Hope you’re having good Easter weekend.

Pat x

What fun Pat… I’d take the fatigue and enjoy the ‘up’ And Happy Easter!

Yes. I think I do, I think it’s my brain being p***ed off with being disabled and my old mad self breaks out, so sorry Pat I say go with itM

At least it makes life interesting… I’m like two different people existing in the same body!!!

Maybe that’s the cause of MS… an out of control alien living in your body… LOL…

Have a lovely Easter hon

Pat x