Excitement, fatigue and PPMS! (Patb)

I think we all get this… but just need a wee rant about it. Went out on my mob-scooter with my sister and bought a new fridge-freezer. Lovely, and I’ve been thinking of getting one for ages. Got one with the fridge on top as every time I bend down to get something out of mine I have a dizzy spell… Natually I’m now really fatigued, buzzing, muscles spasms and even dizzier than usual. :frowning: Just as well I don’t play the Lottery… winning would probably kill me off :lol: Hope you’re all doing ok. Pat x

Hi Pat Time to rest, rest and more rest I think, its surprising how it takes it out of you. I never have got used to that and always pay the price for overdoing things. Glad you are happy with your new purchase. Take care Pam :slight_smile:

And that’s when we’re happy about something. When the thing causes stress… Ah, perish the thought! Take care, Pat. Enjoy the FF. Virginia