MSIF day??? Hope..

Hi folks

Has anyone else heard of -

multiple sclerosis international federation? I’ll make my excuses, I’m still on Greek time or I spend my time on the MS society website.

It gives me such hope that so many people are looking to help us There is hope…

Hi H

No, never heard of it, but as you say, the more the merrier.

Have a great day.


Hi M and Pam, yeah I filled out a survey on fatigue for them a while back, and they published results on website which is here:

There certainly is hope…

Hope everyone having a good day. Went for lunch at Nando’s then bought myself new baking tray… blimey… tinnitus has gone through the ceiling with sheer excitement…

Pat x

Thanks for that Pat, here I am again bright eyed and bushy tailedcan it last…toooooo much excitment lunch AND a new baking tray!! Calm down.

Hope is what we need, I fear it will be too late for some of us but

Have a good day everyonetake care, M

Hi M… well in truth it’s not just the baking tray I’ve just sold large dining table and in process of buying small table and sofa… I’ve said this before on these boards but it just seems to be me… since MS I get so stupidly excited about things… more than excited, sort of obsessive. OK I know part of it is because my life is so tiny (a mouse would be too big to fit into my life) but it does also feel physical… like the way my tinnitus gets louder when it happens. Feels like my head will explode. Hard to explain but I’m convinced it’s something to do with that ‘emotionalism’ or whatever it’s called, caused by lesions!

Just had to rant a bit…

Anyhooooooo trying to calm down today as am now feelingand no wonder!

Have a good day M and all the gang,

Pat x

Hi Pat

You are not alone, you would not believe how excited I can get over the most stupidest

little thing. Sure I must have gone back to my childhood!

Keep smiling


Pam I’m so pleased it’s not just me! Yes is a bit like going back to childhood only with an old exhausted body…

Hope you’re having a good day. Sunny in London!

Pat x

Hi folks,

I enjoyed the high and now I am paying for it I have given it some thought and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I don’t think your life is ‘tiny’ I love hearing from youit’s very reassuring seeing your posts. Take care, M

Hya, it’s true, make hay while the sun shines and then pay for it later… what the hell… otherwise we wouldn’t ever do anything!!!

Thanks M… my life isn’t too tiny when I’ve got mates like you.

Have a good one everyone…

Pat x

Dear Pat

In this together is what makes the difference.

20 strokes today, before breakfast dust was gathering on the rowing machine. You were toooooo polite to ask, thanks for that, because the Gods have to be smiling and the wind blowing in the right direction!!Therefore no pressure just when I feel like it…

Take care, M

Hi M… wow 20 strokes! I am proud of you!!!

Yep no pressure, do what you can… I’m gonna post a new exercise routine I have…

Take it easy hon, hope you’re doing ok,

Pat x