Hi everyone, I am just looking into mindfulness meditation, ive had alot of stress in life and a very stressful situation b4 my first clinical attack that led to diagnosis. I know there are going to be more events in life that are going to be difficult hence strategies to help. There are no courses near me and would like to know of any books , app etc to start me off. Many thanks zoe

Hi Zoe

Go to any of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) and look for ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ - there’s plenty of choices and even some downloads.

Good luck,



Hi Zoe. There’s a fantastic organisation called Headspace that has a website and there’s a book. It also has an app the free version is called take 10 I think and guides you through daily 10 minute mindfulness meditations. The idea is that then u gradually increase the length. I love it - it has short animations that explain it all and the guy who reads them has a lovely voice! I thnk the website is There’s loads of books on mindfulness if u go on amazon but I really like the simple approach of this.

Hi Zoe. I sent a reply but it’s been held for moderation, maybe cause I put web address in. While we wait ill just say google headspace! Fantastic intro to mindfulness. Website, book, apps, training courses available.


Have you checked with your MS nurse or OT they may know of some courses also as Dom said google your area, they also seem to be promoting this more , I use meditation but looking to go on a mindfullness course in October


Hi, I downloaded a free app called attraction - to do with the Law of Attraction - which has guided meditations on it. You get one free, and the others you have to download at extra cost. I think the one for attracting health was 69p. I’ve found it really good. I was really pleased with how well I coped during the heatwave in July, but once the boys broke up for the summer hols and I had the stress of breaking up fights and arguments several times a day, it was really noticeable how my health deteriorated. By the third week of the hols I could hardly walk! I’m also a big fan of Glenn Harrold. Heather

Hi Zoe,

I’m a Buddhist, so meditation is already a big part of my life. There’s an organisation called Breathworks who use meditation and other mindfulness practices specifically for pain and stress management. I’ve never done any of their courses myself, but I’m definitely going to look into it. They have CDs, books, and they run courses both in person and online. The online ones are just short sessions and there are forums for group support, etc, so that might be a good option for you if there are no classes nearby. They also do retreats at some Buddhist centres around the UK. If you search “Breathworks mindfulness” you’ll find it. Also, most Buddhist centres will run meditation classes (anyone can go, regardless of faith) and mindfulness is a big part of those. I really hope you find something that suits you :slight_smile:

Hi Zoe, I also practise daily mindfulness and meditation after discovering ‘the Headspace’ website on this forum. I have experienced only positive, almost ‘life changing’ effects with respect to my state of mind and health etc and cannot imagine missing a day of meditation now. As I am still a novice, I cannot find the correct words to explain the profound effect it has had on me - I find it so incredibably calming… I feel streamlined, centred in my mind and body (most of the time) in control…

Good luck, please give it a try, Jo

Thank you everyone I went to headspacce and u wouldn’t believe it the guy who runs this, I went to school with and I was friends with. Last thing I knew he was a Buddhist monk… fate…

What a coincidence Zoe! Why don’t you get in touch with him and ask them to put some ms info or links on their website?!

There are so many techniques and it’s really subjective, so it’s hard to give a definitive answer. There are so many options out there. Personally I have experienced the SOS Method [link removed by moderator] that have helped who struggle with stress anxiety and meditation. It’s designed to give people access to mindfulness, inspiration, and that sweet spot of calm in just a few minutes, with eyes open or closed. There are meditations to help your relationships, improve your sleep, inspire you, calm your dog down, and many more. The SOS Method app is free on the iTunes and Google Play stores, so you can give it a try and see if it’s right for you.

Hello, I meditate twice a day (not mindfulness). I practice Vedic meditation and I went on a course for a weekend in London which cost me £300. It’s the best £300 I’ve ever spent. I was told to stick with it and sure enough I did and after a few months my stiffness in my legs pretty much disappeared. And I haven’t had a relapse since I started practising 4 years ago. Touch wood. I avoided mindfulness as I don’t believe it works as deeply as Vedic meditation but that’s just my opinion. If you go into google and type in beeja meditation you will get all the details.

good luck x