Mindfulness training through NHS GP

Hi I just wanted to let people know that Mindfulness meditation training is available on the NHS through your GP. It’s good for reducing anxiety and stress. Also CBT is available through your GP. Two different MS neurologists informed me of this. xx

Sorry to sound like I’m pouring cold water, but I’m not sure the neuros are living in the real world. Have you ever tried accessing psychology services through the NHS?

The waiting lists are colossal, and you may not get any choice over what type of therapist you are allocated, or whether they even believe in CBT, or offer it.

I’m going back a few years now, to when I didn’t know I had MS, and it was still being treated as “depression”. I waited absolutely ages to see anyone, and although he was a nice enough bloke, and did come up with a few useful tips, he only managed about one 1-hr appointment every five or six weeks, on average - definitely not even approaching once a week.

And he never bothered taking any notes, so after the five or six week gap, he could not recall what we’d already covered, or sometimes even quite basic facts about me, like how old I was. At times, it was clear he had mistaken me for someone very much younger - which I suppose is flattering, up to a point - but doesn’t inspire you with confidence that they truly understand your life situation. It seemed to stem from the fact I’d recently graduated (as a mature student in my 30s), and so he was mixing me up with someone who was just starting out in life! Normally, it would be great to be thought of as permanently 21, but it doesn’t always lead to a fitting appraisal of your circumstances! And he didn’t really believe in CBT at all, and thought it was a gimmick.

So I love this idea you can go to the doctor and say you want CBT (or mindfulness training) and just get it. I think the reality is rather different, and that you’ll wait months, and then get something rather different to what you asked for, which is all they’ve got.



Sorry it didn’t work out well for you Tina. I asked my GP for CBT and got a referral to the Wellbeing Team. I started a course of four CBT sessions (one a week) two weeks later. This was last year. I was able to do the sessions face to face or on the phone, an hour a session. xxx

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i accessed mindfulness through the ms therapy centre.

i can’t recommend it enough!!

good luck

carole x

mindfulness is good if it works for you afraid it didn’t work for me, I also agree with Anita, waiting for services can be an nightmare and if your area can provide this immediately then good for you , afraid i am in the area that i have to push to get somewhere, but good luck with the course.


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Hi all, what is CBT? Linda xx

Cognitive behavioural therapy - (CBT)

There’s an article on the BBC news website about teenagers suffering from anxiety and treatment is CBT. It saddens me that teenagers are suffering from anxiety. I did a bit too.

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