MS counselling


I have heard things about neuro therapists and ms counselling but i have no idea how to go about it.

I have had counselling before when battling my on going depression which i have had for 9 years and have found it beneifical in the past.

I was dx with ms in april 2012 but i don’t seem to be any where nearer to accepting it or moving on with my life, I know others who have taken ms in their stride and don’t seem to be having a problem getting on with things.

I have heard, people are so much worse than you are which i know is true but i’m just so wrapped up in self misery i don’t care - that sounds awful! I also know that i have to live around my ms but i feel that with the pain and everyday reminders of what it does to me i can’t put it from my mind for long.

Just feel miserable and can’t seem to find my way out of this fog.


Hi Steph My neuro wrote to my GP to ask her to refer me for a course if CBT. Of course you can ask your GP yourself. I am finding it very beneficial. Xx

I have tried cognitive therapy before for my depression but didn’t think it was for me. I kinda would want to see someone who knows about ms so I don’t have to explain it all before hand if that makes sense.

people here are really good and even if we haven’t been dx for long we can just share things. our ills have a habit of being something to talk about and it’s generally because we are people and talking is part of our arterial survival. moving forwards in life is something that happens with support and guidance. We all have ways that work for us. you’re not alone and by that i mean we’re here for each other. xx

Hi Steph There was a fantastic neuro councillor at the Walton centre, Dr Rose , Unfortunately she left before Christmas and joined the private sector. I’m not sure about other councillors as she specialised in neuro, and I only saw her once, ( I went to see her after an Arrogant Consultant asked me if l had ever thought about committing suicide ) and l lost it. She was great , and said he wasn’t the first Consultant she had taken on and he wouldn’t be the last. I never saw him again. Hope you find someone you can talk to. Take care. Margaret


I was diagnoses with Primary Progressive MS in 2009 and have struggled with depression before the diagnoses and still do. I am on two lots of anti-depressants but still struggle and get anxious easily. Really need something that will calm me down during a period of being worked up.

I too have had CBT in the past but didnt feel it worked for me.

I now work for an organisation called 'Your Call@ which is a free, confidential counselling telephone & e-mail counselling service for disabled people and all the professional qualified cousellors are disabled themselves. If you would like me to send you a leaflet about the service just let me.